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Lipomatic Treatment in Islamabad

Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad satisfies your quest for achieving the perfect body shape. Everyone wishes to enhance their physical appearance as it has become a requirement of the modern world rather than merely a desire. This technique deals with excessive body fat or unwanted fat deposits by employing advanced technology that makes it effective and minimally invasive. Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad has gained popularity because of aesthetically pleasing offerings.

Unwanted fat can have detrimental effects on the human body. From health risks to aesthetic goals to your mobility, excessive fat deposits contribute negatively. Furthermore,  physical abilities and sleep order also got upset just because of fat. So, tackling these fat deposits doesn’t only reduce risk chances and improve your health but also assists you in maintaining your wanted physical appearance.

Lipomatic Treatment in Islamabad:

Lipomatic treatment is also called infrasonic liposuction or lipomatic liposuction. This method of fat removal utilizes vibrating liposuction cannulas to remove fat. Cannulas are hollow stainless steel tubes that are inserted via small incisions.  Fat deposits from specific parts of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs, can be targeted.

Types of Liposuction:

Traditional Liposuction

This is a conventional method to remove excessive fat. With the help of general anaesthesia, the patient is kept unconscious during the entire procedure. The surgeon makes an incision and removes body fat by alternating movements of cannulas. Then the fat cells are extracted through vacuum suction. After that, the incisions made during the process are stitched with dissolvable stitches.

Tumescent Liposuction

This is the most popular type of liposuction. In the start, a diluted anesthetic solution containing epinephrine,  lidocaine and an intravenous salt solution is injected into the targeted part of the body to numb the area. This solution makes the procedure painless and more effective. Fat deposits from any part of the body can be removed through this procedure.

Super-Wet Technique

This process is somehow similar to Tumescent Liposuction. The only difference is the amount of fluid used in the process. In this fat removal technique, the amount of fluid injected into the body is equal to the fat amount that will be removed. While in the tumescent procedure, the amount of solution will be up to three times than the fat to be removed.

Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction Treatment in Islamabad

This method involves ultrasonic vibration to convert fat cells into liquid. Then the converted liquid is taken out of the body. Ultrasound Liposuction can be carried out in two ways. Usually, this method of fat removal is known to remove fat from dense areas such as the upper back.

Laser-assisted Liposuction

Laser energy is used to liquefy unwanted fat cells, and then they are vacuumed out using miniature tubes. This procedure is preferred for areas such as the chin and face. Furthermore, the use of lasers also stimulates the growth of collagen, making it the most beneficial procedure.

Lipomatic Treatment Procedure:

This surgical procedure is easy to do, but only a professional is allowed to perform this procedure. After inserting anaesthesia into the body, small incisions are made and then a tumescent solution is injected in order to numb the treated site. After that, a cannula is used to collapse fat deposits and withdraw the broken cells of the fat. Following the removal of the fat, incisions are stitched.

Benefits of Lipomatic Treatment in Islamabad:

Liposuction treatment has several benefits that make it a popular choice for people seeking to get rid of undesirable fat deposits from the body.

Precise Treatment

Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad is based on advanced technology, which enables surgeons to remove precise and targeted fat deposits from the body. Thus, it bestows an accurate, desired and customised appearance.

Minimally Invasive

Lipomatic treatment requires small incisions to remove body fat, making it less invasive than other methods. Furthermore, advanced methods are used which do not employ any harm to other parts of the treated site. Additionally, its downtime is also quite minimal.

Customized Results:

Everyone has different objectives when it comes to their physical appearance. Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad satisfies everyone as it offers customized results by meeting the specific needs of every patient, ensuring optimal results.

Boosts Confidence:

Physical appearance plays an important role in our personalities. Unnecessary fat deposits spoil confidence and self-esteem and make a person dull. While removing these excessive fat cells imparts a positive impact and makes an individual confident and optimistic.

Cost of Lipomatic Treatment in Islamabad:

Lipomatic treatment costs vary in Islamabad as several other factors affect the price. Generally, it ranges from PKR 85,000 to PKR 200,000 in Islamabad. But its cost alters significantly because of several factors. Notably, this is an estimated cost, and to get more precise information, consult with a reputable clinic such as Enfield Royal Cosmetics Islamabad.

Factors That Alter the Cost of Lipomatic Treatment:

Firstly the extent of treatment required determines the cost of this treatment, such as the area from where the fat will be removed and the amount of fat to be removed from the body. This is the primary determining factor. Besides, a surgeon’s expertise and reputation can also influence the overall cost. Furthermore, the location of the clinic and available facilities may vary the entire procedure cost.


While seeking a practitioner for Lipomatic treatment, the first thing in your mind should be the outcome of this treatment. Although results may vary from individual to individual, this variation largely depends upon the expertise of a professional. Following are the depiction of some results that accentuate our professionals’ expertise and will definitely answer your question: why should you choose us?

lipomatic treatment in islamabad, pakistan before after results of lipomatic treatment

Let’s Wrap it Up:

Lipomatic treatment in Islamabad helps you improve your physical appearance and outlook. There are several ways to remove excess fat but this treatment is the most productive, secure and less invasive. Furthermore, its long-lasting results make it a one-time headache for getting the desired look.

Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad unlocks your true potential through its personalised offerings. If you are overweight and wanna remove these loathing fat deposits from your body and make yourself look slim and smart, then Enfield Royal Cosmetics Islamabad, through its optimised strategies and professional staff, can help you make your dreams come true.