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root canal treatment in Islamabad

Root canal treatment in Islamabad seems to be a wise decision because advanced medical facilities are available in the capital city. Besides the advanced treatment option, the cost of root canal treatment in Islamabad is approachable because of the prevailing competition. Teeth are an integral part of the human body and perform important functions. Alongside chewing and smiling, they also beautify our facial structure. Taking care of teeth is compulsory else they can decay because of negligence.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that is done to restore the functions of our teeth by removing the big cavity that damages teeth. This process is also known as endodontic therapy. There is a dental pulp inside each tooth. It connects surrounding tissues. When this dental pulp gets infected then root canal treatment is performed to restore it.

Causes of Tooth Infection:

A number of causes have been experienced for tooth infection which is treated through root canal treatment. A tooth might face a fracture or crack, disrupting the blood supply to the pulp. Poor dental hygiene also leads to infection and inflammation. Further, the fracture can also allow bacteria to infect the tissues. Repeated dental procedures are also a reason for tooth infection as repeated treatment can become more vulnerable.

What are the Signs of Tooth Infection?

If your tooth is infected, you will observe numerous indications such as sensitivity to extreme temperatures. The surface or surrounding area of a tooth might swallow, causing a sort of discomfort or pain. The infected tooth might become darker than other tooths and also you might have to bear prolonged pain or sensitivity.

  • Sensitivity to Stimuli
  • Severe Pain
  • Colour Change
  • Swelling
  • Sour Taste

What Happens, If Not Treated Properly:

Infection can spread further if not given due treatment. Other tooth tissues and root canals may be damaged. The infection produces puss in the cavity, intensifies pain and may increase the sore by entering into the bloodstream, infecting the teeth and even the infected tooth might decay. No matter whether the infection is just started or is already making your life a living hell. Do not let it untreated because this seemingly minor issue can disturb the entire course of a person’s routine.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad:

Root canal treatment will preserve the natural teeth, improves oral health, eliminates pain and sensitivity and makes you feel comfortable. This treatment has numerous advantages. Root canal allows you to retain or keep your original teeth, unlike the treatment where the tooth is extracted or removed. Infected pulp causes severe and unbearable pain, this dental procedure relieves you from that lasting pain and adds to your comfort. After the procedure, you start feeling relaxed, comfortable and over the moon. Further, an infected tooth might not allow you to eat food or bite, leading to eating difficulties. Following this, the patient becomes able to bite normally again as there was no pain. Last but not least, it improves your oral health which ultimately brings overall well-being.

Let’s Find Out About The Treatment Procedure:

The cavity is cleaned and disinfected after removing the infected pulp or nerve from the tooth. After that, the cavity is filled to keep it from infection. This process appears simple and uncomplicated but a detailed analysis of the treatment procedure is required before proceeding to the actual process.

At first, the dentist examines the tooth or infected area thoroughly. He may only inspect or may get X-rays to assess the condition of the tooth. After that, the infected part and its surrounding area are numbed by administering anesthesia to make the process comfortable for the patient. A dental dam is placed around the affected tooth to prevent further contamination and keep the infected tooth separated. In the following process, the dentist removes the pulp and debris through a hole. He uses antiseptic solutions to sanitize the root canal and eliminate any remaining debris or bacteria. So, when the root canal is free of infection and clean, it is filled with a rubber-like material to keep it from infection. In the last, the tooth structure is restored because it is required after the treatment of the root canal.


Undoubtedly, root canal treatment requires sophisticated instruments to produce the desired results. We firmly believe in this and leave no room to offer our patients the best because we care for their happiness. These are a few success stories to make you believe in our credibility. 

Root Canal Treatment in Islamabad: Myths and Facts:

There are some misconceptions regarding root canal treatment. Let’s discuss them!

Misconception: Root Canal Treatment is Painful

Days are gone when humanity had to feel intolerable pain during medical treatment. Modern dental practices use anesthesia to numb the area. It means these procedures are painless and comfortable. There might be a minimal effect that can be dealt with easily

Misconception: Removing Tooth is Better

People might prefer extracting an infected tooth but the best feeling is to retain the natural tooth. Further, tooth extraction can cause long-term consequences while root canal treatment is cured after a few days while your natural tooth is preserved.

Misconception: The possibility of Reinfection is High

This treatment is based on modern medical technologies. Technology has enabled us to use digital X-rays, and 3D imaging to diagnose the issue accurately. The use of modern instruments makes this treatment more effective and efficient dental treatment procedure.

Misconception: It has a lower success rate

In reality, the success rate of this treatment is over 95% which is even inconsiderable in alternative treatment methods. As it uses the latest technology that increases its success rate and makes us get the best root canal treatment in Islamabad.

In Short, this is the most effective dental procedure among the all available alternatives. Root canal treatment maintains the charm of natural teeth and at the same time, it eliminates the issue and relieves us from pain. That’s why it is the most suggested and preferred procedure to deal with dental issues.

Anesthesia is used to numb the infected area during the process, making it a comfortable procedure. Thus, this process does not cause pain.

After a gap of 30 to 45 minutes, the filling becomes hard and then the patient can start eating. But surgeons recommend that the patient should wait until numbness ends. 

If a specialist operates then there are no serious side effects. Very few patients observe a little bit and negligible disruption in surrounding nerves. 

Where to get the best treatment?

Enfield Royal Clinics in Islamabad are one of the best options in Islamabad. The perfection, expertise, and technological prowess required for the procedure are visible here because they prioritize satisfying their customers and that is the reason that has earned them the confidence of people.