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Gum Grafting in Islamabad

Have you lost the aesthetics of your smile? Has your oral health been disturbed? Has gum recession or thinning gum affected your daily routines? Remember! It can cause tooth decay and several other oral issues. Don’t worry now! We have got the solution to your lost smile. Yes! Receding gums can be treated easily through Gum Grafting in Islamabad. It is a dental procedure used to reverse gum recession or cure thinning gums.

Let’s Understand The Gum Recession:

Gum recession is a periodical process that pulls back the tissues surrounding the teeth eventually exposing the tooth’s root. The occurrence of gum recedes makes bacteria grow rapidly, augmenting the risks to damage the tissues and bone structure if not treated proactively.

What Actually Causes Gum Recede?

Numerous factors can be considered for the happenings of gum thinning such as bacterial infections, genetic causes, inadequate dental care, etc. Usually, people are not aware of this problem unless they feel the severity because of its periodic nature.

Significance of Gum Grafting

Oral health is crucial for overall well-being as its implications go beyond its spectrum. Neglecting it can lead to several health risks such as tooth decay and gum disease, impacting the entire body. In addition, the psychological impacts of this ignorance cannot be ignored. So, to maintain overall health and self-confidence, it is suggested to focus on oral health.

Gum Grafting treats gum recession and cures issues attached to the oral part of the body. It can protect teeth from decay and sensitivity. Furthermore, diminishes the psychological impacts that one may feel if faces the thinning gum, adds quality to life and furnishes one with an attractive and dominant smile.

Types of Gum Grafting:

Connective Tissue Grafts

When the tooth root is exposed as a result of the loss of gum tissue, the method called connective tissue grafting is used to treat the exposed root. Tissue from the roof of the mouth is plucked or harvested and then placed onto the affected part. As the tissue starts getting nutrients, it heals the graft.

Free Gingival Grafts

This procedure is quite similar to connective tissue grafts. A tissue from an adjacent gum or the mouth roof is directly transplanted onto the affected gum. Patients having thin gum tissues are treated by using this grafting method.

Double Papilla Subepithelial Graft

When surrounding gum tissues are healthy then this procedure is implied. As healthy tissues from both sides of the affected tissue are used, that’s why it is called the double papilla. An incision is also made on the roof side of the mouth to link the connective tissue with the raised papilla on either side of the affected tooth.

Pedicle Grafts

During this, the gum tissue is partially separated from the above and below part of the tooth and then pulled over to the exposed root. The issue is, later on, sutured. Initially, the tissue seems stretched but over time, it becomes normal and gains its normal density.


This process is an alternative for those who do not prefer undergoing tissue harvesting. A tissue is taken from the tissue bank and used for grafting instead of using one’s own tissue. This method is widely practiced worldwide and especially preferred for infants.

Procedure For Gum Grafting in Islamabad:

Here comes the role of a periodontist. He examines the affected site and the condition of the surrounding parts. This examination helps him decide the best suitable grafting procedure for the respective patient. Periodontist also assesses the thickness of existing tissue and the extent of recession. He will also like to know the patient’s preferences and aesthetic objectives.

Now, the process begins.

To ensure the comfort of the patient, anesthesia is injected into the gum tissue. It numbs the surrounding area and prevents any pain or discomfort during the grafting process. A patient might feel minor but negligible sensations during grafting. But if the patient feels any discomfort, he must inform the periodontist.

After some time, the periodontist goes for the incision part. He makes an incision required for treatment by using delicate techniques. Then the periodontist places the graft tissue and then sutures to maintain the position of the tissue. To make the healing process convenient, dissolvable sutures are used to stitch the departed part because they are dissolved over time and are not necessary to remove.

When the grafting operation is done, the periodontist instructs the patient to follow some specific practices for a speedy recovery that include pain medications that will only be used if the patient feels pain. Further, it is also recommended to maintain proper hygiene practices and use a specific diet, especially in the initial days.

What to Expect in Results?

A healthy life cannot be compromised ever. We understand human limits, but still, we produce the best results. The team of our experts is highly skilled and professional, and they deeply analyze the patient and then move to the next part. Just check the success rate of our professionals.

Gum Grafting in islamabad Gum grafting surgery in islamabad

Benefits of Gum Grafting:

  • Firstly, if gum recession is overlooked, it may decay the teeth. When it is treated, it eliminates the chances of tooth decay.
  • Gum recession reveals the sensitive roots, adding sensitivity and discomfort. Grafting covers the exposed site thus reducing the sensitivity.
  • Thinning gum not only increases sensitivity but also affects your behavior in general and your smile in particular. Treating the affected tissue will also enhance the aesthetics of your smile.
  • If gum recession is treated, its effects go beyond your aspirations. You get the relief and comfort but also your tooth remains stable for a longer period.

Treatment Cost:

Gum grafting cost in Islamabad varies as various factors such as the patient’s condition and the used process define the cost. Considering cost is good but it is not always recommended because when it comes to health, nothing is comparable. That’s why a patient’s first motive should be to get the best available treatment. Enfield Royal Clinics brings twofold advantages for you, if you are looking for a desired place to get proper treatment because periodontists here are not only adept but also talented and here the treatment is comparatively cost-effective.

Let’s Give A Last Touch:

Health is wealth and we must not compromise ever on health. If you feel sensitivity or gum recession then do not let it spoil your health. Book your appointment and consult with a professional at Enfield Royal Clinics in Islamabad.