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Cheek Augmentation in Islamabad

A cosmetic procedure that can enhance the appearance of your cheek and give you a youthful look is known as Cheek Augmentation in Islamabad. Many people lost the volume of their cheeks due to ageing and weight loss. but don’t worry! Enfield Royal Clinics is offering multiple surgical and non-surgical cheek enhancement treatments. So, let’s explore this amazing treatment.

Say Goodbye to Sunken Cheeks with Cheek Augmentation!

Aim Of The Procedure:

The aim of the cheek augmentation includes:

  • To enhance the natural contours of your cheeks.
  • Restore the volume of your face.
  • It will balance facial symmetry.
  • Reverse the ageing factor from your face.
  • It is best for well defining and sculpting the cheekbone.
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Treatment Details:

  • Surgical and Non-surgical options are available.
  • Required local anaesthesia.
  • The total duration of the procedure is 30 min to 1 hour.
  • Satisfying and effective results.
  • Recovery period – 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Cost-effective procedure.

Results and Success Rate:

The results will be natural, effective and well-defined with a highly successful rate. Many people report a high level of satisfaction with their final results. Also, the outcomes may depend on several factors including the type of cheek augmentation procedure and the patient’s health

If you get surgical procedures like cheek implants then it will give you permanent results. On the other hand, if you choose non-surgical treatment like fat transfer injections or fillers then it may take several sessions to give you the desired look. So, if you are seeking long-lasting and immediate results, cheek augmentation is the best solution.

cheek augmentation before after results before after results of cheek augmentation - ERC CHEEK AUGMENTATION IN ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN - ERC

Who Can Be The Ideal Candidate?

Before undergoing the procedure, it is necessary to fulfill the candidacy criteria. A few indications for ideal candidates are mentioned below:

  • You must be above 18 years old.
  • People who lost the volume of their cheeks.
  • Both men and women are ideal candidates.
  • To have realistic expectations of the procedure.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnant women aren’t eligible.

Preparation For The Procedure:

Here are some preparation tips that are necessary to follow before undergoing the procedure:

  • Stop taking blood thinning medications (For example aspirin etc).
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco.
  • Discuss your medical history with the practitioner.
  • If you have any type of allergies or infection, do let them know.
  • Stay hydrated and maintain a good diet.

The Procedure: Step By Step

Generally, it is an in-office procedure that will be performed by an expert practitioner or plastic surgeon. As mentioned above, cheek augmentation will be performed whether from the surgical or non-surgical technique. Both methods are mentioned below:

  • Surgical Procedure: first the practitioner will give you local anaesthesia and make an incision for inserting the cheek implant. It may take 40 to 60 minutes if you are getting both sides of the face. Then the incision will be closed with stitches and you can go home.
  • Non-surgical Procedure: the practitioner will prepare the injections (Fat transfer) according to the requirement of the candidate’s condition. Then the injection will be slightly injected into the targeted area. The total duration of the procedure may take 15 to 30 minutes.

Aftercare Instructions:

After the procedure, follow the instructions of the practitioner for maintaining the effects. Some important aftercare tips are mentioned below:

  • The best way for reducing swelling and bruising is to apply ice packs on the treated area.
  • Do not perform physical activities for a few days. It may cause bleeding or infection.
  • When you go to sleep, make sure your head should be elevated.
  • Use prescribed painkillers if you get a surgical procedure.
  • Don’t touch scratch or rub the treated area.
  • It is necessary to take a soft diet for the initial few days.
  • Better to avoid smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol.
  • Do not go out in direct sunlight especially when you get an injectable procedure.
  • In case of any severe reaction, inform the practitioner immediately.

Popular Benefits:

The procedure may offer a wide range of benefits to undergoing patients. Some popular and major benefits are listed below:

  • Safe and effective techniques.
  • Both surgical and non-surgical methods are available.
  • Provide well-contoured, defined and satisfying results.
  • No major side effects or complications.
  • Enhance the volume of your cheeks.
  • Suitable for all types of candidates.
  • Boost your confidence and improve your self-image.

Cost of Cheek Augmentation in Islamabad:

The cost of Cheek Augmentation surgery may depend upon several factors. For example, the practitioner’s fee, type of technique, number of injections, and other additional charges. These factors will include when you discuss the requirements and then they will let you know the exact cost of the treatment. Also, it is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by any insurance company.

Why Choose Us?

At Enfield Royal Clinics, we have experienced and highly qualified practitioners. They will examine your condition and always recommend you a suitable option. Also, our experts are professional and they will never disappoint you in performance and results.

Recovery time can vary, but most patients can return to normal activities within a week. It may take up to several weeks for swelling and bruising to fully subside.

 As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with cheek augmentation, including infection, bleeding, nerve damage, asymmetry, and dissatisfaction with results.

 The longevity of cheek augmentation results in Islamabad  varies depending on the method used and individual factors, but they can last for several years to a lifetime.

 The results of cheek augmentation  in Islamabad can look natural if performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon, who takes into consideration the patient's facial features and desired outcome.

 The cost of cheek augmentation  in Islamabad can also vary depending on the method used, location and practitioner experience, but generally ranges between $2,000 to $10,000.

When choosing a surgeon, it is important to research their credentials, experience, and reviews from previous patients. Consulting with multiple surgeons before making a decision can also help determine which one is the best fit.

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