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Do Cheek Implants Look Fake

Do Cheek Implants Look Fake?

Do Cheek Implants Look Fake?

With age, the subcutaneous tissues and adjoining muscles on the face become thin and weak. Implants fill out volume under the cheekbones or the area immediately below the eyes, giving a more youthful look. Cheek implant procedures are an advanced way to create a balanced face line after reconstruction for cancer, diseases, or traumas.

Cosmetic treatments like cheek implants have become famous for defining face contours. However, whether cheek implants seem fake is a common question. Therefore, it’s time to jump in and find out the truth now!

What is a Cheek Implant?

Cheek Augmentation are solid artificial parts surgically embedded in the cheekbone. They enhance cheek definition and fullness. The crease can be repaired with alloplastic implants, which means it can be introduced in a place above or below the cheekbone.

Cheek implants are made of solid (hard) silicone or porous synthetic material, which is called Medpor.®. Synthetic materials have been available for decades, and flat cheeks can be corrected permanently through surgery.

Different Types of Cheek Implants:

Three types of cheek implants exist:

The sub-malar part of your face starts just under the eyes and goes to the area where the cheekbones are. Plastic surgeons tend to use such implants to add more substance to the face bone (above the cheekbones) to correct depressive faces.

Implanting malar implants below the subtalar area can create well-defined and angular bone structures. The materials of this bone enhancement are fit for use with young and middle-aged individuals. It usually involves minor incisions inside the lips, on the lower lash line, or both. 

The third one is a combined procedure with subtalar and malar implants that can define and volume your face.

Who can get Cheek Implants? 

Do you think about cheek implants, one of the latest beauty trends? With this option, the surgeon asks for your medical history to determine whether you qualify for surgery.

As a rule, non-smoking people with good health, realistic restoration aims, blood, and bone disorders not present, diabetes not diagnosed, and non-delicate skin are the best candidates for cheek implants. 

Unlike any other surgery, if you smoke regularly but want to undergo this surgery, your doctor may give you a few resources on smoking cessation and smoking quitting procedures before the surgery.

Benefits of Cheek Implants:

Underdeveloped or flat cheeks can give the impression of a smaller and more sunken face. Custom-made cheek implants, strategically placed, can help rejuvenate your appearance. With these implants, your face shape may be altered to play up some of your valuable features, making a great profile and enhancing your beauty. Cheek implants may modify the contours and features of your face. 

It additionally ensures that the implants adhere to the patient’s face. Unlike temporary fillers that inject substances below the skin and plump the area, cheek implants permanently alter the cheek’s shape. These implants are of different types and sizes and, hence, can be customized to suit the face shape and the desired needs of the patients.

How Is the Cheek Implant Done? 

Our surgeon at Enfield Royal Clinics will insert the implant through an incision in your mouth at the cheek and upper gum junction. This technique will not leave any scars as well. The surgeon may need you to cut the edge of your lower lid in order to place the implant. It can also raise the drooping lower eyelid (ptosis). Your surgeon will discuss the use of general and local anesthetics for cheek implant surgery.

You will be discharged soon following a brief recovery period. The facial area often goes numb after the surgery, which is when you are likely to experience significant tightness and pain in your cheeks. Your surgeon will explain all the necessary wound care rules. If the surgery involves a mouth incision, mouthwash or a liquid diet will be your only dietary consumption for at least a week. 

How Much Do Cheek Implants Cost in Islamabad?

The cheek implant cost in Islamabad ranges between 150,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR. However, it depends on expertise, the procedure complexity, implant quality, and the practice location. The professionals and the technology used during the operation are equally important when determining the cost of a cosmetic procedure.

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