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Dental Crown Treatment In Islamabad

When it comes to smiling, eating and talking, the role of teeth emerges. Teeth have an important role to play. The significance of teeth surpasses functional importance as healthy teeth augment our physical appearance. It is crucial to maintain healthy teeth and get proper treatment at the earliest if you feel any crack or cavity or even a minor issue. Dental crown treatment in Islamabad is a feasible solution to a cracked tooth. Cavity, broken hat or any other associated issue may upset your eating routine and also your smiling pattern. Further, tooth issue appears to be a minor issue but its constant pain or effect destroys mental peace and calmness. 

Dental Crown Treatment In Islamabad:

It is a custom-made dental process designed to restore your original tooth. This procedure is also called dental caps which are aimed to cover the damaged or decayed tooth entirely. Not only this dentistry procedure hides the defaulted tooth and restores the originality but also it maintains the natural shape as size, color and shape is designed based on the requirements for a specific treatment, offering a perfect blend with the structure and thus bringing back your original smile. 

Advantages of Dental Caps:

Considering its benefits and advantages, it would not be wrong to state that dental crown treatment offers a multitude of benefits. From covering the damaged teeth to restore functionality and teeth structure to seamlessly correcting the attached imperfections to making your smile pleasing and adorable. It makes you eat, speak and smile normally and also hides weakened or fractured teeth. So in a sense, this simple dentistry procedure brings a positive impact on your overall personality by boosting the confidence and aesthetics of your smile.


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Dental crown treatment in IslamabadDental crown treatment in IslamabadDental crown treatment Cost in Islamabad

Reasons for Dental Crown Treatment in Islamabad:

Dental crown is a versatile dentistry procedure that addresses several issues related to a tooth. Generally, it is performed for considerably extensive and big gaps or cavities. It strengthens the tooth structure and makes it healthy and reinstates the appearance of teeth structure. Further, chipped or fractured teeth are also covered via this procedure and also after a root canal treatment, this procedure is carried out to protect the tooth from further fractures and infection. Furthermore, this process is also considered for aesthetic or cosmetic procedures such as magnifying smile aesthetics and correcting tooth discoloration. 

Here’s the actual procedure!

The procedure starts with an initial examination or consultation when the dentist thoroughly examines the decayed tooth and suggests the best suitable procedure for the treatment. After that, the dentist removes a portion of the tooth structure in order to prepare a tooth and in the meantime, he places a temporary crown to protect the infected tooth. Further, this procedure also involves a digital scan of a prepared tooth crown to produce a highly customized crown. Lastly, the prepared crown is placed after removing the temporary one and the tooth is cleaned thoroughly. 


The dentist prescribes some instructions after this medical procedure to follow for maintaining good care of teeth health. Here you can find many of them.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day to maintain good oral health
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash t limit the infection risks
  • Use prescribe pain killers if feel pain
  • Avoid biting from the treated side
  • Do not let food particles trapped around the treated side

Types of Dental Crown

In order to provide customized solutions and accommodate the preferences and requirements of patients, several types of dental crowns have been invented and designed based on individual preferences such as durability, and aesthetics of functional requirements. 

Let’s uncover different types of dental crown

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain is used in the production of these crowns and it gives a natural touch to the teeth structure. Because of their same color and translucency, these crowns are preferred for front teeth as they bestow a natural outlook.

Ceramic Crowns

Often considered similar to Porcelain crowns in the context of aesthetics and magnifying appearance. But they are strong, resistant and highly durable and are deemed the perfect option for restoration of dental aesthetics. 

Metal Crown

Different types of metals are used in the production of this crown such as gold, silver, etc. They are also durable and strong and used in structures that require functional support. 

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium dioxide is used to create these crowns. Usually, this type of crown is preferred for fractured teeth as besides supporting the structure and limiting the impacts of fracture, they also fulfill desired aesthetic needs.

Side Effects:

Usually, dental crown treatment is a secure and safe procedure. There can be very few temporary and negligible side effects associated with this treatment. For example, a patient may feel discomfort or sensitivity after the treatment. Mild pain may also be felt but painkillers are prescribed to get instant comfort. Furthermore, practitioners also prescribe specific mouthwashes to overcome sensitivity problems. 

Cost of Dental Crown in Islamabad:

The cost of this procedure depends upon the type of used crown and the conditions of every patient. Furthermore, treatment duration, number of sessions, and dermatologists’ fee structure also alter the cost of this procedure from one place to another. The estimated price of a Porcelain crown in Islamabad per tooth is about PKR 18,000 and Zirconia crown is PKR30,000. 

Wrap Up:

Strong teeth magnify facial aesthetics and also body appearance because they directly impact the way we speak, communicate, eat and smile. Having an infection, cavity or cracked tooth is not uncommon but it must be treated proactively as an untreated cracked or damaged tooth can disturb your speaking or eating habits. Dental crown treatment in Islamabad is used to treat or cover the cracked tooth and make the teeth structure more shining, durable and strong. 

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Enfield Royal Clinics in Islamabad has developed the required instruments and technology and is getting the services of highly-qualified dentists. The procedure requires care and proper consideration as this is a matter of teeth and jaw structure. That’s why it is always recommended to get the services of skilled and adept professionals because these matters cannot be compromised. So, based on the complications and required qualifications, Enfield Royal Clinics in Islamabad should be your first choice if you want to get a dental crown.