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microblading treatment in islamabad

Microblading Treatment in Islamabad has revolutionised the world of cosmetic enhancements, providing individuals with the opportunity to achieve flawless and natural-looking eyebrows. 

This comprehensive guide aims to educate you about the microblading process, from understanding the technique and benefits to post-treatment care and potential risks. Whether you’re considering microblading for the first time or seeking further information, this webpage will serve as your go-to resource.

Why Do People Choose Mircroblading? 

People choose microblading for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To get natural-looking results.
  • Enhanced convenience.
  • It can correct sparse or thin eyebrows.
  • For restoring eyebrows due to hair loss.
  • Improving overall facial aesthetics.
  • If you want to boost your self-confidence, it is ideal for you.

How Does It Work?

It is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that involves using a hand-held tool with fine needles to create small incisions in the skin. These incisions are then filled with pigment, mimicking the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs. 

The process begins with a consultation to discuss the desired brow shape and color. Numbing cream is applied to ensure comfort, and the technician uses precise strokes to create natural-looking eyebrows that complement the client’s facial features. 

Aftercare instructions are provided for proper healing, and touch-up sessions may be needed to perfect the results. The pigment gradually fades over time, and regular touch-ups are recommended to maintain the desired look.

What To Expect In Results?

When you get a successful treatment, you can expect longevity. On average, microblading results can last anywhere between 1 to 3 years. It is necessary to get touch-up sessions for maintaining the shade of your eyebrows according to your natural eyebrow color. 

By following proper aftercare instructions and scheduling regular touch-ups, individuals can extend the lifespan of their microblading results and enjoy beautifully defined eyebrows for an extended period.

Outstanding Benefits: 

Generally, there are multiple benefits for those who get Microblading Treatment in Islamabad. Some of the popular benefits are: 

  • Quick and effective procedure option. 
  • It will enhance your eyebrow shape and definition. 
  • Provide you natural-looking results for 1 to 3 years. 
  • Cost-effective and time-saving solution. 
  • Suitable for any type of candidate.
  • There are no major side effects or complications in it. 
  • Boost your confidence and self-image. 

Who Is It For?

It is necessary to be the right candidate for any cosmetic treatment. The practitioner will examine your condition and let you know whether it is suitable for you or not. But this noninvasive treatment can be suitable for anyone with good health. 

If you have light eyebrows or if have patches that make the ugly shape, you can be the right candidate. So, it would be best to discuss this with your practitioner initially.  

How To Prepare Yourself?

Before undergoing the process of microblading, make sure you are prepared for it according to your practitioner’s advice. They will guide you through everything in consultation sessions and take all the examinations and tests of your current eyebrows. It is necessary to understand the skin type and suitability for optimal results. 

Step-By-Step Procedure: 

The procedure of microblading will be performed by our expert practitioner. Its step-by-step process is mentioned below: 

  • Discuss desired brow shape, color, and expectations with the technician.
  • The expert will map out the eyebrow shape and dimensions using a specialized pencil.
  • Applying a topical numbing cream to ensure client comfort.
  • After that expert will use a hand-held tool with fine needles to create small incisions in the skin.
  • Fill the incisions with pigment, mimicking the appearance of individual eyebrow hairs.
  • By choosing a pigment that matches the client’s natural brow colour or desired shade.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment to refine the shape, color, and address any areas that may need additional pigment.
  • Maintain the desired look with regular touch-up sessions every 12-18 months to keep the eyebrows looking fresh and defined.

Aftercare Instructions: 

After the procedure, the practitioner will prescribe you some aftercare tips that will help you to manage a little bit of pain, maintain the look and prevent other side effects. Some of the common tips are: 

  • Keep the treated area clean and dry for at least 10 days.
  • Avoid touching or picking at the eyebrows to prevent infection or premature pigment loss.
  • Avoid excessive sweating, swimming, or exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not apply makeup or skincare products directly on the treated area.
  • Apply a thin layer of recommended aftercare ointment as instructed by the technician.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, and excessive heat during the healing process.
  • Be gentle when washing your face, avoiding the eyebrow area.
  • Avoid activities that may cause excessive friction or rubbing on the treated area.
  • Avoid using exfoliants or harsh cleansers near the eyebrows.
  • Follow the instructions for any additional care or touch-up appointments.

Cost Of Microblading Treatment In Islamabad:

The cost of getting microblading treatment may depend on person to person. Everyone has their concerns and expectations so they customized the treatment accordingly. Also, there are some factors that can affect the cost of the treatment, such as: 

  • The expert’s fee. 
  • Location and reputation of the clinic. 
  • Color size and shape of your eyebrow. 
  • The number of sessions. 
  • Other additional charges. 

Furthermore, if you want to know more about the cost or its factors, feel free to contact us. Also, you can visit our clinic anytime for a detailed discussion. 

Microblading discomfort can vary from person to person. Most individuals experience mild to moderate discomfort during the procedure, but numbing creams are applied beforehand to minimize any potential pain. Some describe the sensation as similar to eyebrow plucking or scratching.

Microblading results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years on average. However, the longevity of the results depends on various factors such as skin type, skincare routine, and lifestyle. Periodic touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the desired look.

Yes, microblading is an excellent option for individuals with sparse eyebrows. The technique can fill in gaps, add definition, and create the appearance of fuller brows, giving a natural and enhanced look.

During the healing process, which typically takes 4-6 weeks, the eyebrows may go through different stages. Initially, the color may appear darker and more intense, but it will gradually soften and settle into the desired shade. The treated area may scab and flake as it heals, and it's crucial to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the technician to ensure proper healing and pigment retention.

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