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pico laser treatment in islamabad, rawalpindi and pakistan

Skin problems like uneven color, marks from acne, signs of aging, and wrinkles are now very easy to fix. Also, beauty treatments make it easy to get rid of tattoos, skin that is not smooth, sunburn, birthmarks, and warts. As a result, Pico Laser Treatment in Islamabad  is a cutting-edge way to tackle all skin problems. It also evens skin tone by breaking down particles that hold color and increases collagen production. This makes scars less visible, and wrinkles and fine lines look less noticeable. This process also helps remove tattoos by breaking up the ink into smaller pieces that make the tattoos look less noticeable.

Best Pico Laser Treatment in Islamabad 

The Enfield Royal Clinic is the best place to get innovative Pico laser treatment because they are committed to finding new ways to treat skin problems. Pico treatment with lasers in Islamabad is a new way to deal with several skin problems. At ERC, we make products that fit your specific needs. Our skin experts listen carefully, review the information they get, and make personalized treatment plans for the best results. At Enfield Royal Clinic, your well-being and joy are the most important things to us.


before after results of pico laser treatment pico laser treatment before after results

The Process Behind the Pico Laser Treatment

Pico uses very short bursts of light to target certain skin pigment types. Moreover, the quick release of these waves makes this treatment safer and more effective than regular treatment. Additionally, it lowers the chance that the surrounding tissues will get too hot.

At Enfield Royal Clinic, our commitment to greatness goes beyond technology. Moreover, through cutting-edge treatments and a patient-centered approach, our team of experts will ensure that you feel at ease and confident as you go through your beauty journey.

You can start getting beautiful, healthy skin at the Enfield Royal Clinic. Do not wait to make your visit to the Enfield Royal Clinic. Let the professionals take care of your face. With this, you will feel better about the health and look of your face than ever before.

Benefits Of Treatment

Pico technology is recognized for its accuracy and efficiency in providing targeted bursts of energy for therapeutic purposes. Its short recovery period is one of its main selling points. Because of its adaptability, Pico laser therapy may fix a wide range of skin issues, including fine lines and wrinkles as well as uneven pigmentation. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness by increasing collagen formation. The process is well-tolerated and safe for various skin tones and kinds, guaranteeing consistent and favorable outcomes.

Disadvantages and Risks Associated with This Treatment

People generally like this treatment, but there is a small chance that some people may have mild side effects like temporary redness or swelling. Most of the time, these signs go away in a few hours to a few days. The safety of our clients is our top priority, and if needed, we can give you a calming cream. For your safety, we will discuss the possible side effects during your visit, ensuring you are fully prepared for the process.

Cost of Pico Laser Treatment in Islamabad

The Pico Laser Treatment cost in Islamabad is 15,000 per session. But it is very important to know the cost by consulting our experts. We at Enfield Royal Clinic Islamabad offer the treatment at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, during your meeting, a skin specialist will give you an open and honest look at the costs. Moreover, it will ensure you fully understand the process, its benefits, and its cost.

Why choose ERC for this treatment?

Enfield Royal Clinic (ERC) in Islamabad offers Pico Treatment services by skin experts Dr. Maryam Malik and Dr. Ayusha Khan. Dr. Maryam, a dermatologist with extensive experience in laser and cosmetic medicine, uses this technology to effectively treat various skin problems. Dr. Ayusha Khan, a skilled skin doctor, tailors each treatment to the patient’s specific needs, resulting in personalized and effective results.

ERC’s experts are skilled in using the latest techniques to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. They also provide various dermatology treatments, including pimples and anti-aging treatments. ERC prioritizes patient health and happiness, ensuring everyone feels heard and involved in their skincare journey. ERC is a reliable choice for Pico Laser Treatment in Islamabad, offering improved and effective skincare solutions.

What Issues Are Treated with Pico Laser

  • Pigmentation Problems: It is very good at treating age spots, sunspots, freckles, and melasma, among other pigmentation issues. It flattens out the skin tone by breaking down particles that contain color.
  • Acne Scars: Pico treatment can help people who have acne scars. Stimulating collagen production helps make scars less noticeable and skin smoother.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The treatment can help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles by making more collagen and elastin. It makes the skin more elastic and gives it a younger look.
  • Tattoo Removal: Many people use this to remove tattoos. It breaks up the tattoo ink into smaller pieces that the body can naturally get rid of. It can fade or get rid of the tattoo completely.
  • Inconsistent Skin Texture: It can fix problems with uneven skin texture, such as rough skin and too big holes. It helps smooth the skin’s surface to improve the overall look.
  • Damage from the Sun: This treatment can treat sun-damaged skin, such as sunspots and discoloration that results from long-term sun exposure.
  • Birthmarks: It can clean up some kinds of birthmarks, like colored tumors. It is less noticeable for birthmarks because it helps break down the coloring.


The number of sessions needed depends on the person's skin problems. During your session, one of our experts will suggest a unique treatment plan.

To answer your question, the Pico Laser is good for many skin types and tones, making it a useful tool for many skin care needs.

Most people can quickly return to normal life after Pico Laser treatment because the procedure only requires a short recovery time.

The cost of Pico laser treatment in Islamabad starts at 15,000 PKR per session. To know more about cost, consulting with experts is recommended.