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Overlapping teeth treatment

Overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad serves functional and aesthetic purposes. The importance of teeth in the human body cannot be denied. One of the reasons for an attractive and alluring smile, a happy face, and a confident body is the proper functionality of teeth. Healthy and strong teeth improve communication skills and support facial structure such as lips and cheeks. The role of teeth in our overall health is obvious.

What is Overlapping Teeth?

This dental problem is also called dental crowding or malocclusion. This term is used when the teeth are positioned too closely or misaligned. It means they are too close and overlapping. This closeness hinders their functionality.  Several factors can cause teeth overlapping, but advancements in medical technology have enabled practitioners to treat this problem.

Causes of Overlapping Teeth:

Numerous causes can lead to teeth overlapping.

  • Small jaw size can cause teeth to overlap as they cannot accommodate the teeth
  • When primary or baby teeth are lost before time, a disruption may occur that can lead to dental crowding
  • Thumb sucking habit can alter the alignment of the teeth structure, leading to this problem
  • Any sort of injury to the mouth or jaw can also cause this issue
  • Furthermore, poor dental habits, such as irregular brushing, can also disturb teeth alignment.

Impacts of Overlapping Teeth:

When the teeth overlap or come close to each other, they can create several issues. Not only do they increase the risks of diseases and disturb mouth functionality but they also dismantle the aesthetic beauty of the face or physical appearance.

Perilous to Oral Health

Teeth overlapping reduces spaces between the teeth, making it difficult to wash or clean those areas, thus enhancing the risks of tooth decay and gum diseases. Furthermore, trapped food particles can also cause inflammation and the formation of cavities.

Bite Irregularities

Overlapping can dismantle the dental alignment required for chewing, speaking and biting. These irregularities can lead to premature wear, tooth fractures and TMP disorder, also called temporomandibular joint disorder.

Aesthetic concerns.

Facial aesthetics are attached to a jaw structure and alignment of teeth. If this alignment disturbs, it affects the smile and facial aesthetics. Furthermore, it may produce a sense of dissatisfaction or insecurity in an individual and thus disturbs social and professional interactions.

Speech Impairment

The alignment of teeth is critical for the proper pronunciation of words. But when they overlap, the tongue cannot get the right placement for articulating specific words or sounds, causing speech impairment. This problem can have several negative impacts on an individual and can endanger the concept of a happy and confident life for a specific person.

Psychological Effects

Dental crowding can have far-reaching psychological effects. Firstly, it can create a feeling of embarrassment and social anxiety, potentially limiting the social exposure of an affected person. It can isolate an individual and impede growth opportunities, resulting in a compromised lifestyle.

Overlapping Teeth Treatment in Islamabad:

There are several overlapping teeth treatments in Islamabad. A personalised solution can be prescribed based on the severity of the issue and specific requirements for a person.

Traditional Braces

This is a common orthodontic treatment for dental crowding. Wires, brackets or specific bands are used to adjust the crowded teeth or align the jaw pattern. These wires or brackets get tensed over time and then align the teeth structure.

Orthognathic Surgery

Sometimes skeletal discrepancies cause overlapping teeth, and to align the teeth structure, Orthognathic surgery is performed. Techniques such as bone addiction, removal or reshaping are used during this treatment. It firstly resolves overlapping issues of the teeth and also improves facial symmetry.

Dental Bonding or Veneers

This treatment is most favoured for aesthetic reasoning. Custom-made shell is designed to cover the surface of the teeth, or in simple terms; it is the masking of the overlapped area to get an aligned appearance. This is a bit invasive procedure and offers immediate results.

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes dental crowding is so severe that it becomes challenging to align the teeth’ structure by other means. That’s why a tooth is extracted to create some space to create an alignment. But this procedure is individual-specific as only severe overlapping can be treated this way.

Clear Aligners

These are an alternative to traditional braces. Basically, Aligners are transparent plastic containers that are customized based on the specifics of an individual. These plastic tyres are then fit over the teeth. The practitioner alters their position every few weeks to align the teeth’ structure.

Post-Operative Instructions:

Following aftercare or post-operative instructions is very crucial for desired and enduring results. These instructions can be specific to every patient, but the following are a few general instructions that you must follow after undergoing overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad.

  • Do not forget to brush your teeth regularly using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Do not rush to solid food or diet after overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad. Instead, prioritise soft or liquid die.
  • You should also apply ice on the treated site to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid activities that can increase stress or blood pressure in the jaw to maintain the healing process.
  • Further, if you feel excessive pain, bleeding or swelling, visit your dentist.

Cost of Overlapping Teeth Treatment in  Islamabad:

The cost of overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad ranges between PKR 200,000 to PKR350,000. Because several factors, such as the type of treatment, the clinic’s location and the dentist’s reputation and experience, affect the entire cost of the treatment process.


Overlapping teeth treatment seems daunting, but we succumb to presenting the success story of our professionals who are passionate about making their customers feel better and love doing their jobs. Here are some clues about our professional services.

The Bottom Line:

Overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad deals with teeth imperfections and dental crowding. The overlapping of teeth can disturb your life as it promotes the feeling of imperfection. That’s why it is important to get it treated to regain confidence, improve oral health and enhance facial aesthetics.

The cost of overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad depends on a few factors, such as the type of surgery, the clinic's location and the surgeon's reputation. The estimated cost is PKR 200,000 to PKR350,000.

Its impacts go beyond aesthetic concerns as it can disturb oral health, cause functional problems, and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Besides, it can cause speech impairment, social anxiety and self-consciousness.

There are several causes of dental crowding, such as genetic issues, excessive thumb sucking, jaw injury and small size of the jaw. 

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This is a matter of teeth and facial structure. That’s why we should not compromise on the standards of a clinic or dentist. Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad provide tailor-made overlapping teeth treatment in Islamabad. They prioritize patients’ expectations and requirements, and their professionals accommodate the concerns of patients.