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E-max veneers in Islamabad

Feel like you have lost the brightness and radiance of your smile! Teeth imperfections have become a relentless source of dissatisfaction and discontent! Striving to bring back the aesthetics of your radiant smile and aiming to exhibit the perfection of your personality through your captivating smile! So, here is your solution! E-Max veneers in Islamabad embellish you with a radiant grin, and flawless and fascinating smile. 

E-Max Veneers: Ins And Outs

Sometimes, our dietary habits tarnish the glamour of our smile and become a cause of self-consciousness. Discoloration and stains make their way and damage the brightness of the teeth. Sometimes, our teeth get injured, and because of injury, the appearance of the teeth becomes less attractive. Some people also have misaligned teeth or gaps between teeth or other congenital issues. These problems stop people from exhibiting their emotions through a cheerful smile.

E-Max veneers are dental appliances that are designed to address aesthetic issues of the teeth and improve their functionality. They are also known as lithium disilicate veneers. Basically, these are thin shells of porcelain that are applied to the teeth to cover the enamel of the teeth and improve overall appearance. These veneers help people reveal bright, captivating and affirmative smiles by dealing with aesthetic concerns and augmenting the functionality of the teeth. 

Top Benefits of E-Max Veneers:

  • Recreates natural-looking translucency of the teeth
  • Conceal teeth-related issues such as chipping, cracking, etc.
  • Improves the appearance of teeth and redefines smile aesthetics
  • Preserves teeth’s health and natural structure
  • Creates an illusion of perfection
  • Beautifies oral appearance and also the smile
  • Offers durable solution and maintains a brightened appearance
  • It makes a smile flawless, bright and attractive
  • Makes teeth express the inner happiness of a person
  • Offers quick results in a non-invasive way

Can I Have E-max Veneers?

If you also want to augment the beauty and impression of your smile, then this is the best solution. But before getting this treatment, you must know whether it is suitable or not. It is important to know because it helps you prevent any possibility of risks or dental issues and get your desired results. You must seek professional treatment, no matter what cosmetic treatment you are considering. For consultation, you can consider Enfield Royal Clinics. This clinic is a well-known clinic in this locality and has developed a commendable reputation because of its exemplary success rate.

Furthermore, do not forget to consider the following points to assess your suitability:. These points will also assist you in getting a rough idea of whether this treatment is appropriate for you.

  • Your dental health must be perfect. You should not be dealing with any serious dental issues, such as gum disease
  • It is crucial that your dental is optimal to get E-Max veneers
  • Are you dealing with any aesthetic issues such as discoloration or injured or chipped teeth? Then you can consider this treatment because it conceals imperfections in your teeth
  • Your teeth must have sufficient enamel to support these veneers; otherwise, this procedure is not for you
  • You are not susceptible to bruxism or clenching your teeth because it might destroy these thin shells
  • You must have realistic expectations because some people have unrealistic expectations, and in the end, they feel discontent 

Success Story: Get Inspiration

We understand that your time and money is precious. We are not here to spoil either of these. That’s why we deliver quality and satisfy our patients. Check out on these given results. You will find a clear distinction between before and after results. People visit our clinic to get something better, and we deliver the value that they are looking for. Feel the comfort, the brightness of these bright smiles and the satisfaction on these faces!

How Much Does E-Max Veneers Cost in Islamabad

The cost of E-Max Veneers in Islamabad normally starts at 30,000 PKR. The cost may alter because of a few cost-determining factors. Factors such as the clinic’s location, the material used to produce veneers, the extent of the treatment, and the expertise of a dentist.

How Long Do E-Max Veneers Last?

Before getting these veneers, you must do some research to choose the best dentist for you because the way this treatment is carried out can increase or decrease the longevity of its results. The material used to produce these veneers also determines the duration of their results. Normally, they can last up to 15 years. It means this is a long-term solution that redefines the aesthetics of your smile, makes you feel confident in every situation, and expresses your inner emotions through your bright smile.

Disadvantages of These Thin Shells:

  • Prone to breakage if not properly cared of 
  • Require proper maintenance
  • Irresistible to Bruxism
  • Can increase tooth sensitivity

Are E-Max veneers the best choice?

It totally depends on an individual’s choice, preferences, concerns, and oral health. If a person has good oral health and wants to hide some imperfections, such as gaps between teeth and discoloration, then undoubtedly, this is the best treatment. Furthermore, if your teeth do not reflect the complete essence of your smile and you feel depressed because of your teeth appearance, then you must get these thin shells to enhance the sparkling effect of your smile.

Summing Up:

E-Max Veneers in Islamabad conceal or cover your teeth issues such as discoloration, stains, or injured teeth. This is an advanced dental procedure that is carried out to magnify the beauty of your teeth and improve your smile and its glimmer. Dental issues often demotivate people and make them self-conscious. This is the solution to break the shackles that dental imperfection creates and enable you to express yourself in a confident way.

Schedule your appointment at Enfield Royal Clinic Islamabad to rejuvenate the aesthetics of your smile and improve the brightness of your personality. We help you find a way to express yourself in a better way. Visit our clinic, have a consultation session, and make an informed decision.


Yes, they can be removed, but it is not easy to remove these veneers, and removing them is deemed the toughest procedure in this field.

Yes, these veneers offer natural-looking results. They recreate the essence of your bright and sparkling smile. So, if your smile is compromised, then you should consider this dental procedure to rejuvenate the aesthetics of your smile.