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Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Islamabad

Premature Ejaculation is a common sexual problem. Moreover, it can significantly affect relationships and quality of life. Therefore, we at Enfield Royal Clinics know how important it is to deal with Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Islamabad by offering adequate and individualized treatment choices. Additionally, whether you are trying to get better from this condition or help a friend or family member, we help you get better about your sexual and overall health.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation, or PE, is a commonplace sexual problem. Moreover, in this, a person cannot manipulate their ejaculation. Further, it happens earlier than they need it to in the course of sexual movement. Therefore, treating this situation aims to help you make sexual achievement and better relationships. Additionally, premature ejaculation is when you have an orgasm before or during sex that you do not like. Moreover, anyone can have PE at some point. It can be annoying and even embarrassing.

How to Treat Premature Ejaculation?

Psychotherapy, behavioral treatment (sexual exercises), and medicines are PE mainstays. Choose the best solution with your doctor. There are exceptional approaches to treat premature ejaculation based on the motive and the character’s hobbies. These are some standard methods to do matters:

  • Behavioral Techniques: The intention of behavioral treatments, just like the start-forestall technique and the squeeze technique, is to assist people in getting better control over their ejaculation with the aid of coaching them on the way to self-regulate while they’re sexually energetic.
  • Medicines: Some medicines, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), antidepressants like sertraline, and outside anesthetics, may be given to assist in managing ejaculation and save it.
  • Therapy or Counseling: Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), intercourse therapy, and couples counseling are some psychological remedies that may assist with underlying mental troubles that can cause you to ejaculate too quickly, like pressure, fear, or troubles in your relationship.
  • Adjusting for Your Way of Life: Getting sufficient sleep, working out often, and now not abusing capsules are all healthy behaviors that can assist in enhancing your sexual fitness and might even help with symptoms of untimely ejaculation.
  • Combination Therapy: To get exceptional effects in controlling untimely ejaculation, the man or woman can also want a mix of behavioral strategies, drugs, and remedies.

It is crucial to speak to a clinical worker to find out the best way to deal with you based on your wishes and clinical heritage.

Benefits of Treatment:

  • Better manage over ejaculation
  • Both companions might be happier with their sexual existence.
  • More self-esteem and self-assurance
  • Better sexual health and courting nice in trendy

Ideal Candidates for the Treatment:

Treatment for premature ejaculation works excellently for men who have shared painful episodes of untimely ejaculation that harm their sexual relationships and high-quality lifestyles. Candidates must be ready to avoid exclusive remedy selections and follow the advised treatment plan.

Why You Have to Pick This Treatment?

Treating premature ejaculation is a superb manner for guys to deal with the troubles. Moreover, it can enhance their sexual fulfillment and happiness. Moreover, knowing the reason why people ejaculate too early is essential. Therefore, you can offer them an expansion of custom-designed treatment choices. We will help them get better management of their sexual characteristics and enjoy pleasant relationships.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment in Islamabad

Enfield Royal Clinic PK offers individualized care for men who ejaculate too soon. Moreover, we use tried-and-true methods like behavioral techniques, drug control, and therapy. Furthermore, our physicians figure out what is causing the problem and then make a unique treatment plan. Additionally, to improve control and sexual function, people use behavioral treatments, medications, and therapy. Further, it also deals with psychological issues like stress, worry, and problems in relationships. Moreover, Enfield Royal Clinic PK aims to improve sexual health and general well-being through patient-centered care.

After Care Instructions:

People who get treatment for untimely ejaculation can be instructed to preserve the use of the behavioral abilities they found in therapy. Additionally, they take their medicinal drugs as directed. It is crucial to work openly with your healthcare provider and tell them about all the issues. Additionally, keep all of your follow-up visits so you can get ongoing help and route.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Cost in Islamabad:

The fee of the top Doctor of Premature Ejaculation in Islamabad ranges from Rs: 3,000 to Rs:4,000. It can change from person to person and from one type of treatment to another. Moreover, many other factors also affect the price. However, the precise price relies on the remedy selections chosen, the physician’s expertise, and the consultation fee. Moreover, it also depends on other costs like counseling or medicine charges. Patients need to speak to their doctors about their remedy choice, how much they will price, and all other questions they have.


After undergoing treatment for premature ejaculation, many individuals experience significant improvements in ejaculatory control and sexual satisfaction. With behavioral techniques, medications, or a combination of both, patients often report increased confidence in their ability to delay ejaculation and prolong sexual activity. Additionally, addressing any underlying psychological factors contributing to premature ejaculation can lead to enhanced overall well-being and improved sexual relationships. By working closely with healthcare professionals and following recommended treatment plans, individuals can achieve lasting results and enjoy a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Difference Between Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation:

You can’t get or preserve an erection if you have erectile disorder. Early ejaculation means that you get an erection but ejaculate and end before you or your partner would have favoured.

However, sexual dysfunction can virtually cause ejaculation to manifest too quickly. It occurs when a man is aware that he cannot hold an erection going, so he gets into the addiction of ejaculating right away after you have an erection to avoid dropping it. Because of the link between these problems, your urologist will first check to see when you have erectile dysfunction and deal with that if they discover it.


Treatment for premature ejaculation gives ease to guys who are having trouble with unusual sexual problems. Moreover, people can feature higher sexual performance and delight. They can achieve it with behavioral techniques, oral medicine, counseling, or other therapies. When people in Islamabad get medical care from skilled professionals, they can get entire care tailor-made to their unique wants and preferences.