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Eyelash extensions in Islamabad

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad offer a touch of elegance. Enhancing facial aesthetics, Improving self-image, and personal representation are primary concerns of everyone. Among them, one of the primary considerations is eyelash extension. Some people have naturally short or sparse lashes, leading to self-consciousness. This aesthetic procedure makes them overcome this issue and enjoy the luxury of extended eyelashes.

Let’s Understand The Concept of Eyelash Extensions:

This cosmetic procedure involves the application of synthetic lashes on natural eyelash sites with the help of a specialized adhesive. The procedure improves the volume of eyelashes and offers longer, fuller, and dense eyelashes, leading to more enormous and more captivating eyelashes. 

Generally, the concept of eyelash extensions in Islamabad revolves around two folds. One is a physical need, and the second is aesthetic demand. Some people do not have dense or thick eyelash complexion. This creates a feeling of anxiety and often embarrassment. Those people can restore the fuller and denser appearance of natural-looking eyelashes through this feasible procedure.

On the other hand, some people have natural-looking eyelashes, but they want to modify the appearance of their eyelashes. This extension facility offers them several choices to restructure their eyelashes based on their personalized or specific requirements. It means it is also a go-to choice for people who want to refine and improve the aesthetics of their eyelashes.


Like other procedures, the technician inspects the site and asks a few questions from the individual to choose a suitable treatment and method. Furthermore, this initial consultation also allows practitioners to examine the existing eyelashes’ nature, shade, thickness, and length. Before initiating the procedure, the specific area is thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt or oil. Eyes are protected with eye pads. After that, the practitioner removes natural lashes with the help of a tweezer and then places extended lashes supported by adhesive. After that, the adhesive is left to dry naturally, or some practitioners use a fan to foster the drying process.

Why Personalised Consultation For Eyelash Extensions?

A personalized consultation is always suggested because each individual’s facial features, eyelash density, and length are different. A personalized consultation enables the practitioner to evaluate skin conditions, specific requirements, and a person’s objectives. This assessment will be helpful in providing desired treatment results. 

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  • This procedure improves the length and volume of lashes, making eyes look more captivating and attractive
  • It offers a flawless appearance. 
  • Based on individual requirements, customized results can be achieved through this procedure.
  • People with sparse or thin lashes can improve the appearance of their eyelashes through this procedure.
  • It offers natural-looking results 
  • Results are long-lasting if eyelashes are protected carefully
  • Eyelash extension is a versatile procedure. It means an individual has an opportunity to choose from numerous types of eyelashes.

Emphasizing the Transformative Effects of Eyelash Extensions

The addition of longer, fuller, and voluminous lashes unleashes the transformative effects of eyelash extensions. If you get this cosmetic treatment, you will observe an illusion of more attractive, wider, and awakened eyes. This will eventually increase your confidence and overall self-image. Furthermore, thin lashes can lead to a feeling of self-consciousness, but the application of this non-invasive procedure unveils a new version of yourself by offering you a radiant and alluring look. 

Results of Eyelash Extensions:

Following are a few promising results indicating the compatibility, dedication, and precise approach to offer desired results.  The Enfield Royal Clinics team is dedicated to providing customized results to satisfy patents. The artistry, a comprehensive and precise approach, and satisfactory results of eyelash extensions in Islamabad are visible here.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS RESULTS - ERCeyelash extensions before after results in Islamabad
before after results of eyelash extensions in islamabad - ERC

Side Effects

  • Eye Irritation
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Lash damages 

Price of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad:

Generally, The Price of an Eyelash Extension in Islamabad Pakistan starts from PKR 10,000 to PKR 14,000. The cost of this aesthetic procedure depends on the factors such as the type of synthetic lashes, the number of grafts or lashes, the clinic’s location, the expertise of a practitioner, and facilities in the clinic can influence the overall cost of eyelash extension.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Eyelash Extension:

Type of Lash Extension

The type of used or attached lashes also influences the cost. As there are different kinds of lashes, such as synthetic mink, silk, or premium lashes. Each type has a different cost, leading to an overall change in price.

Styles of lashes

The style of specified lashes can also alter the predicted price as different lash styles are available such as hybrid, classic, or volume of lashes, etc. Volume lashes are more expensive than others.

Additional Services

Some clinics offer additional services along with the said cosmetic procedure. As it is said that there is no free lunch. It means they are not offering additional services for free but will include charges of additional services in the overall cost of eyelash extensions. 

Are You a Suitable Candidate?

You should go for this procedure.

  • If you have naturally short or sparse eyelashes
  • If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your eyes
  • If you want to reduce the time for daily makeup
  • If you do not have any sensitivities or allergies especially related to adhesives
  • If you want to customize the length and density of your eyelashes
  • If you understand the associated complications and risks
  • If you are looking for a non-surgical procedure to improve facial beauty

Aftercare Treatment:

  • Do not let newly attached eyelashes wet to ensure proper connectivity of eyelash.
  • Do not use oil-based products as they could weaken the used adhesive
  • Keep the attached lashes clean and also keep them from tangling
  • Try not to expose the treated site to the skin and excessive heat
  • Do not pull or pick lashes 
  • Visit your practitioner for a proper evaluation

Usually, it is a safe procedure, but risk factors are also there. That’s why it is always suggested to consult with a professional before proceeding with the procedure.

The procedure will add volume to the natural eyelash and improve your facial features, leading to a more youthful appearance.

This entire process generally takes around 2-3 hours to complete. It means you can get natural-looking and fuller eyelash extensions within 2-3 hours.

All Summed Up!

Eyelash extensions in Islamabad offer a charming and attractive look to eyelashes and thus improves facial aesthetics. People with naturally thin eyelashes can improve the length and density of their eyelashes. This non-surgical, non-invasive, and personalized procedure offers the desired texture to a person’s eyelashes.

Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad are known for their customized and cost-effective cosmetic treatments. If you want to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes and want to get rid of thin natural lashes, then book your appointment at Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad for optimal and desired results.