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Bald spot treatment options

Bald spot treatment options

Bald spot treatment options

Despite being minor, hair loss can cause annoyance, humiliation, and a lack of confidence. After all, baldness is often associated with old age, and bald persons feel older than those with well-thatched hair. 

However, there are several significant advances in hair loss therapy. Many innovative methods have appeared in recent years that can help bald areas grow hair quickly. This blog covers everything regarding regrowing hair on bald spots, including medical treatments, and more.

How can sudden bald spots appear? 

Lifestyle changes, stress, heredity, and outside factors can cause baldness. Others include environmental influences. In addition, the following causes also contribute to bald spots: 

Hormonal imbalances can cause sudden hair loss in women. Most of the time, it passes. Hair products and grooming might induce this problem. Some shampoos and hair treatments contain sodium lauryl sulfate, polyethene glycol, Laureth sulfate, salt, and other ingredients that may cause bald spots.

The immune system wrongly attacks scalp hair follicles, causing alopecia areata. Visit this website to understand all about alopecia. 

What to Expect Before Balp Spot Treatment?

Your doctor will try to find the cause of your bald spot before prescribing a medication or surgery. Several examples: 

 A medical history review, including current symptoms 

  • A physical exam that investigates hair loss causes 
  • In a “pull test,” you pull a few hairs to see how many and how easily they come out. 
  • A blood test to detect problems 
  • The removal of a few scalp hairs or cells for laboratory analysis for infection and other hair loss reasons. 

Are there natural bald spot treatments? 

Natural hair growth therapies improve scalp circulation, hair follicle health, and hair quality.  Home hair development products are used for several purposes.  Consider these options: 

Essential rosemary oil:

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties and capacity to promote circulation, rosemary oil is an excellent natural hair loss treatment. You can use a natural shampoo with rosemary oil or massage a tiny bit on your bald spot every night. 

Peppermint Oil: 

This medicine treats head discomfort, IBS, and other conditions. It may also be effective as a topical hair growth treatment. 

The aloe vera plant:

According to the Journal of Industrial and Pharmaceutical Research, Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory properties, enzymes, minerals, and other helpful components make it a safe and effective hair growth treatment.  To finish, rub it into the hair follicles after shampooing. Try it with coconut cream and wheat germ oil. 

A massage:

A thorough scalp massage without makeup is one of the easiest ways to improve scalp circulation and stretch the follicle cells, encouraging thicker hair. Press your fingers into your scalp and rub them for at least five minutes per session. 

Are there any medical treatments for bald spots? 

After diagnosing your bald spot, your doctor may prescribe one or more hair loss medications. 

  • Finasteride is among the most commonly given hair growth drugs (Propecia). Men and women can utilize it.  Pregnant women ought not to use finasteride since it may induce male genital abnormalities. 
  • Liquid, prescription corticosteroids can be administered to the scalp. This is often beneficial for treating alopecia areata in children.  Corticosteroid injections into patchy hair loss areas may restore hair growth in alopecia areata patients within weeks. 
  • Anthralin is a topical treatment for alopecia areata. It may promote hair growth in bald regions. If other treatments fail, your doctor may prescribe this vital medicine. It may be used with corticosteroids. Methotrexate can have serious side effects, so follow your doctor’s recommendations. 

What surgeries address baldness? 

Surgical operations should be a last resort if less invasive methods fail. The most common hair restoration operation, transplanting follicular from another portion of the head, is only sometimes successful. Transplanted hair follicles may not generate healthy hair for an extended period.  Ask your doctor or surgeon what to expect from any treatment. 

What is the cost of bald spot treatment in Islamabad?

The cost of bald spot treatment in Islamabad ranges from PKR 85,000. Bald spot treatments cost differently, depending on several factors, including the suggested therapy and each patient’s needs. Moreover, the number of sessions and clinic location will also affect the final costs. However, it is best to consult your doctor for an appropriate estimate. 

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