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Best Plastic Surgeon for Penile Enlargement

Best Plastic Surgeon for Penile Enlargement

Best Plastic Surgeon for Penile Enlargement

Penile enlargement surgical procedures are significant concerns for many who wish to improve their physique and confidence. Proper selection of a plastic surgeon is thus essential if excellent and safe results are to be obtained. The risk factors can be eliminated if the doctor performing the surgery is the best plastic surgeon with extensive experience in penile augmentation. It is better to choose a Best Plastic Surgeon for Penile Enlargement who has passed some examinations, has the required expertise in such surgery, and has had successful operations before.

What is Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Penile enlargement surgery, also known as penile augmentation or phalloplasty, involves the surgical manipulation of the penile tissue to increase its size and width. Two types of surgical techniques are involved: 

Penile Lengthening: This procedure entails surgical castration or perhaps freeing of the suspensory ligament of the penis to allow for the exposure of more interior length of the shaft. A bigger flaccid penis, though, does not change the erect size significantly in most of the erection pump reviews for men.

Girth Enhancement: The procedures that exist for this girth augmentation include the implantation of the patient’s fat in the shaft of the penis or the use of dermal fillers. This procedure is intended to extend the shaft and the glans of the penis and make the girth larger to obtain a larger circumference.

Who Should Consider Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Male patients undergo penile enlargement surgery to rectify their small penis size, and they have a reasonable expectation of the outcome. Candidates should not be disease-ridden or have diseases that can adversely affect the surgical patient.

Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Naveed Azhar

Dr Naveed Azhar is a highly qualified and well-recognized plastic surgery specialist. He has completed his membership from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan, which indicates his focus on his professionalism and qualifications. Dr. Azhar also remains a member of the Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons (PAPS), which is determined to work towards improving plastic surgery in the region.

Why Dr. Naveed Azhar?

Many qualities about Dr. Naveed Azhar make him unique in plastic surgery. Patients appreciate his methodical nature and focus on the best possible outcomes without compromising patient safety. Dr. Azhar is committed to maintaining his practicing privileges in multiple modalities and keeping abreast of any new developments, which makes him capable of providing innovative and individualized care to clients. 

His results, attention to detail, and the confidence his patients and even fellow surgeons have in him are exemplary.

Research and Contributions:

Furthermore, Dr Naveed Azhar has played a vital role in plastic surgery, especially research. He has published articles in well-known journals and even made presentations at some of the most prominent medical conventions. Patients worldwide benefit from his findings regarding plastic surgery procedures and their scientific advancement, adding to their quality.

Undoubtedly, Dr Naveed Azhar is considered instrumental in contributing to plastic surgery. He is motivated by increasing patients’ success rates by using creativity and research findings. He is actively involved in leading medical professionals and hence earns the trust and recommendation of patients due to his passion for patients and the profession as a whole.

Cost of Penile Surgery in Pakistan:

The cost of penile enlargement surgery ranges between PKR 250,000 or more, as the case maybe. The price may include the amount charged by the surgeon, the amount for anesthesia, the amount charged by the best plastic surgeon, and the amount associated with follow-ups. Other components of the total price may include specific techniques used and the difficulty of the procedure as a function of the requirements of the particular client.

Book a Consultation!

Penile enlargement surgery is a decision that should be arrived at after consideration of various factors. Dr. Naveed Azhar specifically focuses on patient-centered approach practices, safety, and realistic goals and objectives. Sharing your expectations and worries during a consultation means that you make a well-considered decision that corresponds to your needs. Believe in Dr. Naveed Azhar to get an exclusive strategy towards the surgical procedure for penile enlargement.

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