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best solution of acne problem in islamabad

Best solution of Acne Problem in Islamabad

Best solution of Acne Problem in Islamabad

Do you have an active acne? Are you worried about the marks and scars your acne left on your face? Have you tried everything to stop your acne and remove your scars and marks, and nothing worked for you? If so, this particular blog is for you. This blog will discuss acne problems and the best solution of acne problem in islamabad. Moreover, everyone has acne at some time in their life. However, keeping the skin youthful and healthy requires treating acne scars.

Furthermore, whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads are all part of acne, which gives the face a lifeless appearance. Therefore, acne results from too many germs living under the skin’s surface and becoming stuck in blocked pores. Moreover, acne often affects the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders, all needed for effective therapy.

Best Solution of Acne Problem in Islamabad

As we all know, acne is a prevalent problem, and many of us suffer from it. Therefore, to understand the acne problem and the best solution in Islamabad, we need to know its causes, and then we need to find its solutions.

Causes of Acne

Acne and acne scars are caused by hormonal and physical changes in young people from infancy to adolescence. These changes cause the skin’s oil glands, particularly androgens, to produce more oil, leading to skin cell shedding and follicle enlargement. Moreover, acne is also caused by a skin bacterium that grows rapidly in enlarged hair follicles, releasing chemicals that can cause skin irritation or burning. It can result in pimples and nodules from acne.

Best Solution of Acne Problem in Islamabad

When treating acne, medication is crucial. Moreover, the first step is treating active acne. However, the use of oral medicine aids in the complete elimination of acne. Further, creams and gels are useful in treating the blemishes and scars left by acne. Based on the patient’s requirements, the specialist tailors the mix. However, medication alone is unable to relieve acne scars.

Various acne treatments are intended to address various skin conditions.

  • Chemical Peels

For acne treatment chemical peels and carbon dioxide laser resurfacing are popular treatments for acne scars. Moreover, chemical peels remove the skin’s surface layer, reducing the appearance of the scars. However, the patient’s skin type determines the best-peeling chemical. Co2 laser therapy helps eliminate dead skin cells without harming the skin, promoting skin regeneration.

  • Acne Solution in Islamabad with Microneedling

Microneedling is a popular method for treating acne scars, aiming to increase collagen production and remove scars. Further, the procedure is minimally intrusive, with minimal downtime and moderate redness. The best results are evident after multiple sessions, depending on the degree of scarring.

  • PRP Therapy

One treatment for hair loss is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). In this procedure, the patient has their blood extracted, processed, and injected. PRP stimulates natural hair growth by increasing blood flow, which makes hair seem thicker.

  • PDO Threads for Treating Acne Marks

PDO threads tighten the skin by providing a thread lift. It is a less intrusive treatment overall. It takes around forty-five minutes without using a scalpel. For various reasons, this treatment uses a variety of thread kinds.

  • Fillers

Dermal fillers increase collagen to cure acne scars. Numerous fillers are available for the treatment of acne scars. However, the only permanent filler with FDA approval is Bella Fill. Different areas of the face, including the chin, cheeks, nose, and lips, are treated with fillers.

  • Fractional Laser Therapy

Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive method for treating acne scars, aiming to reduce their visibility. It involves using carbon dioxide to break down the damaged outer layer of the skin. This safe procedure can be performed on various parts of the body. However, aftercare is crucial, lasting from two weeks to six months.

  • Nd YAG Laser Treatment

The Nd YAG laser uses a crystal as a medium for a solid-state laser to treat acne scarring. However, it has four levels and is non-invasive, aiding skin tightening and healing without swelling or redness. This sophisticated treatment is effective for acne scars.

  • Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, also known as bio rejuvenation, revitalizes the skin. The procedure helps with wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. Mesotherapy aids in blood control, which aids in toxin removal.


Clear, healthy skin is a must for acne therapy. In Islamabad, dermatologists are essential to diagnose patient issues and to recommend focused therapies, and offering expert advice. Moreover, modern therapies, prescription drugs, or treatments may provide a complete plan to produce long-lasting outcomes. However, make an appointment for a consultation to start your road toward skin-free acne.

For the Best Solution of Acne Problem in Islamabad, consult with the board-certified dermatologists of Enfield Royal Clinic. They will make a customized plan for your unique skin concerns.

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