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Does PRP on crown area really works

Does PRP on crown area really works?

Does PRP on crown area really works?

Are you having difficulties with hair loss in your head area and are depressed about the thinning areas that undermine your self-worth? You may find yourself wondering if there is any hope at all in the never-ending struggle against receding hairlines and decreasing volume. But don’t panic amidst a blanket of gloom, there is a glimmer of light.

Our surgeon, Dr. Naveed Azhar, at Enfield Royal Clinic provides a novel therapy that can be the solution to your problems. Unlock the potential for regrowth and regeneration by learning the truth about PRP’s effectiveness in the crown area. Leaving the pain caused by hair loss and welcoming a future full of renewed self-assurance and beautiful, healthy hair. Allow us to assist you in recovering your greatest success.

Understand the Means of PRP:

The word that stands for platelet-rich plasma is called PRP. This medical procedure includes taking a tiny sample of the patient’s blood, isolating the platelets from it, and then injecting the concentrated platelet-rich plasma back into the body at the site of the injury Growth factors and proteins found in abundance in platelets can stimulate tissue repair, enhance healing, and drive cell proliferation. 

Using Platelet-Rich Plasma’s (PRP) beneficial potential, our goal is to activate the hair roots in the head region, encouraging new hair growth and strengthening existing hair. PRP’s concentrated platelets provide growth factors that promote cell development and assist tissue healing, revitalizing the scalp. This procedure may stop hair loss and boost self-esteem. PRP therapy addresses the underlying cause of hair loss from the inside out to provide results that last.

The PRP Procedure for the Crown Area:

  • To enhance patient comfort, topical anesthetic or numbing cream administration usually precedes PRP treatment for the crown region.
  • After the patient has been sufficiently sedated, a tiny volume of blood is extracted.
  • After that, the platelet-rich plasma is separated from other blood components in a centrifuge.
  • Next, precisely injected into the specific regions of hair loss or thinning, is the concentrated PRP.
  • You can massage your scalp lightly after the injections to help the PRP disseminate evenly.
  • After the surgery, stitches and dressings for wounds are typically not required.
  • It can be advised to attend follow-up sessions to assess progress and decide whether more treatments are required to get the best possible outcomes. 

Advantages of the PRP on Crown Area:

  • It boosts your hair follicles, resulting in hair regeneration and thickness in the crown region, improving overall appearance, and raising confidence.
  • Treats the underlying cause of hair thinning, maybe stopping more hair loss and avoiding the need for future, additional operations.
  • Enhances the appearance of the scalp, making thinning spots less noticeable and encouraging a younger, fuller appearance.
  • It restores your confidence in one’s appearance and lessens feelings of self-consciousness associated with hair loss, which improves mental health and self-esteem.
  • Little downtime enables the prompt resumption of regular activities without causing a major disturbance to the schedule or way of life.
  • Long-lasting outcomes lessen the need for regular maintenance or treatments over time and offer a permanent answer to hair loss issues.

Affordable Cost for PRP on Crown Area:

PRP therapy is available at Enfield Royal Clinic PK for the crown region. Typically, the cost of PRP on crown area starts from 15,000 PKR. The price of a personalized treatment plan varies according to each patient’s requirements, including the degree of hair loss and the number of sessions needed. This pricing gives you a ballpark estimate of what this hair restoration solution will cost.

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