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Eyelash Extensions Price in Pakistan

Eyelash Extensions Islamabad Price in Pakistan

Eyelash Extensions Islamabad Price in Pakistan

Eyelash extension is basically a makeup service in which artificial lashes are attached to natural lashes to enhance fuller and longer lids. They are so breathtakingly helpful and natural, and they can even make the eyes look even more beautiful than before.

These extensions come in handy for day-to-day makeup applications because one does not have to apply mascara or stick fake eyelashes. Still, having more information on the price of the eyelash extensions is still important because it can vary depending on the method used and the type of lashes utilized. Let us get started! 

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extension is the process of attaching a fake eyelash to a natural eyelash one by one, mainly for beauty purposes. It also makes the lashes as long, thick, and beautiful. From them, the available eyelash extensions that a customer can choose from are mink, silk, and synthetic lashes. Mink is finer compared to silk, though silk is a little thicker; synthetic is cheaper than silk or mink lashes.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

  • They help to increase the natural size of the eyes, and you can do it without mascara.
  • Hair extensions are also very safe and do not tend wigs, especially when swimming, showering, or exercising.
  • Besides, they are convenient and will express you as you desire, whether you need a natural or striking look.

Who Should Get Eyelash Extensions?

You are an ideal candidate if you have;

  • Healthy natural lashes
  • Want longer and thicker lashes without even the use of mascara
  • No other eye infection or condition
  • No allergies to eyelash glue

Who Should Avoid Eyelash Extensions?

You should avoid eyelash extensions if you are;

  • Eye-sensitive cases
  • Those allergic to adhesives
  • patients with chronic eye diseases
  • Individuals who often touch their eyes

Step-by-Step Guide to the Procedure:


To start with, give details on whether you want normal or volume lashes, their length and thickness. The aesthetician will explain the kind of lashes you have and the most suitable lashes for your type of face or eyes.


When you are ready for the procedure, you will have to get comfortable on the treatment table. A pad or some tape should automatically protect the lower lashes so they do not stick together with the upper ones during the application.


First, with the help of sterile tweezers, the aesthetician will select eyelash extensions separately and then dip them in a specific glue. They will then take time to affix each extension to one of your natural lashes and ensure that they are scattered.


After using the extensions, the adhesive requires some time to dry, as required when using other products. This can be done with a small fan or by simply fanning the mixture. It is important to keep the eyes closed during this time, especially if the water is causing some irritation to the eyes.

Final Check: 

After the adhesive has cured, the aesthetician may assess the lashes to determine if they are correctly placed and have equal lengths. They may require or do any touch-up depending on the state of your lashes to achieve the desired natural look.

Factors Influencing the Price of Eyelash Extensions in Pakistan

Quality of Materials:

One of the factors may include the thickness of the material used to synthesize synthetic silk, mink, lashes, and many others. Mink eyelashes are mild to the skin; they are curly, very light, and remain unaffected by water since they are relatively costly as compared to synthetic ones.

Experience of the Technician:

The level of experience of an aesthetician determines the cost of eyelash extension services. Complexity also requires more of an aesthetician, which may slightly increase the price of services.

Clinic Location and Ambience:

Patients might experience that the price of eyelash extensions may differ depending on the clinic’s location. Clinics situated in posh areas or with a classy touch may have higher charges for their services.

Volume and Style of Extensions:

The type of extensions that the client wants to install and the number of them can also affect the price. Classical lashes are more conservative and often cost less than volume lashes, which offer an even more dramatic appearance. 

Cost of Eyelash Extensions in Islamabad, Pakistan:

The price range for a complete eyelash extension in Islamabad is PKR 10,000.

The average cost of eyelash extensions in Islamabad, Pakistan, varies with;

  • the clinic location
  • Aesthetician experience
  • Eyelash type

Book a Consultation!

Enfield Royal Clinic caters to eyelash extension services in Islamabad, Pakistan; our professionals provide superior quality eyelash extension treatments. Thus, with affordable prices and a customer-centric approach, Enfield Royal Clinic is among the best places to get beautiful and durable eyelash extensions in Islamabad.

Call for a consultation today and fix your natural beauty with great lashes!

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