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How many laser hair removal must one do for visible results

How many laser hair removal must one do for visible results?

How many laser hair removal must one do for visible results?

Have you heard that people shave on average three times a week? Shaving more often may be necessary if your hair grows faster. Laser hair removal is an exceptional alternative to shaving or waxing if you tire of numerous appointments. But the question is, how many laser hair removal must one do for visible results?

It is a famous cosmetic strategy that helps reduce unwanted hair growth over time. The number of treatments for each case differs and hinges on factors such as skin color, hair growth speed, and the area being treated. 

Therefore, you should consider all the factors that can limit the number of sessions necessary to get the best results. Let’s focus on what session number will lead to the best results.

How does this treatment work? 

This therapy uses a specialized laser device to target hair shafts that originate from the skin. Due to the difference between hair and skin color, a laser system releases a burst of light energy converted into heat as it travels down the hair shaft. The laser technology detects visible hair shafts. When thermal energy reaches the hair base, it stuns the hair follicle and causes minor damage, preventing hair growth.

How many laser hair removal must one do for visible results?

Laser patients often question why they need multiple sessions. If laser hair removal works perfectly, why is it not performed in a single session? To understand this concept, one must identify the hair growth cycle.

Laser hair treatment only works in the proper cycle. Hair grows in three cycles before treatment. The three hair growth cycles are:

The “anagen” is the first and most apparent stage of hair development. This period occurs initially. In this stage, lasers work best since the follicle is closest to the skin, which is because body hair is above the skin.

Catagen occurs between anagen, the growth stage, and telogen, the rest period. At this stage, hair begins to separate from the papilla, the skin protrusion that connects hair to it. This is when people shed their hair, usually during sleeping or grooming. Laser treatment generally fails at this time because the hair detaches. This is because lasers cannot penetrate hair to the follicle. 

Telogen, or rest, is the shortest phase, lasting two to three days. In this period, hair follicles become dormant, and hair falls off. Some hair cycles’ telogen phase lasts a few days, while others last years. This contrasts with other hair cycle stages. Lasers cannot affect the follicle at this time.

What Happens If You Stop After One Session?

You can expect long-lasting results with lightwave-based hair removal. Laser hair removal often lasts a lifetime after all hair follicles in the treated area are destroyed. However, you may need a touch-up in the future. Laser therapy can remove all hair follicles in a place over numerous sessions, but your body may create new ones.

If you stop laser hair removal after one session, you may still see less hair growth. However, your treated areas will have apparent hair growth since the latent hairs will continue to grow. You must stick to your treatment plan to permanently remove unwanted hair.

FDA-Approved Laser Hair Removal Technology:

Laser light damaging your hair follicles may scare or hurt you. Rest assured that this FDA-approved procedure is risk-free. No matter your gender, skin color, texture, or type, this therapy will not harm you. This process does not irritate or hurt the skin, a significant benefit over other hair removal methods.

The sophisticated medical laser we use during therapy solely targets active hair follicles, so your skin won’t be affected. Bleaching, burning, and other risks are eliminated, and no discomfort is expected throughout this procedure. 

What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad? 

The cost of full-body laser hair removal in Islamabad ranges from PKR 45,000 to PKR 55,000. Prices may differ between individuals, and certain factors may raise the price range. Laser treatment could be costly for various reasons. The complex and costly lasers used in medical and cosmetic procedures demand a large financial commitment to their development and manufacture. Patients are frequently charged for these gadgets.

Booking Your Consultation:

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