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How much do braces cost in Islamabad?

How much do braces cost in Islamabad?

How much do braces cost in Islamabad?

Do you have crowded teeth? Or have you always felt that your smile is not perfect?  Financial costs are one of the main reasons why many patients develop concerns about their orthodontic treatment. The idea of having to pay well for braces puts one-off, so one may wonder where to look. Are you considering getting teeth aligners in Islamabad, but you are unsure of the price? But worry not; the answer is close at hand.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontics treats various dental irregularities, including tooth and jaw position irregularities. Orthodontic bands also become increasingly important as they slowly align teeth through braces. 

These bands exert a continuous and light force to shift teeth gradually to treat overcrowding, space, and bite abnormalities.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Braces in Islamabad: 

Type of Braces:

Traditional Metal Braces: 

These are the most common type. They have metal brackets and wires that correct the jaw. These brands are long-lasting and can easily deal with orthodontic problems.

Ceramic Braces: 

Ceramic braces work like metal braces but are tooth-coloured or clear, hence less visible.

Lingual Braces: 

Lingual braces are fitted on the teeth’ inner side, which means they cannot be easily seen from the outer side.


Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear, detachable, custom-made aligners that periodically alter teeth positions. It is noninvasive and can be used where the patient can conveniently give salivary samples. However, it is only ideal in some situations.

Complexity of the Case:

Not all orthodontic cases are simple, and the severity of the issue decides the length and invasiveness of orthodontic treatment. Situations with significant misalignment or bite deviation would consequently require the corresponding treatment, thus making the price difference more significant.

Some features affecting the complexity are crowding, implausible bite deviations and the necessity of additional operations such as tooth extraction.

Geographic Location:

This also means that the cost-determining factor for braces depends on the location of the orthodontist. Prices may also differ depending on regions, such as between urban and rural areas or between countries.

It is possible to note that the cost of living and other overhead expenses and the competition of local orthodontic practices may influence the price rates for such services in different regions.

Orthodontist’s Expertise and Reputation:

When choosing an orthodontist, experienced, reputable specialists may raise the price for the treatment. Orthodontists who have acquired their education and training to the advanced level and have a good reputation may demand higher fees for the service offered.

Nevertheless, the probability of meeting complications or needing additional treatment can be decreased by investment in a professional orthodontist, thus, high-quality treatment.

Additional Treatments and Procedures:

Additional treatment procedures usually include tooth pulling or surgery of the lower jaw to obtain the best outcomes.

These additional procedures can raise the total cost of orthodontic treatment, so it is advised to discuss all the possibilities of the treatment and its costs with the orthodontist you are planning to be treated by before starting treatment.

Average Costs of Braces in Islamabad: 

The average cost of braces in Islamabad ranges between 250,000 PKR to 400,000 PKR. However, it may slightly change from one dental clinic to another based on various factors. The expense structure may include the intake fee, functional examination, braces placement, consistent modifications, and final retainers.

For specific types of braces, the average costs may differ:

Though conventional metal braces are the most economical orthodontic treatment option, their average price tag is PKR 200,000.
Cosmetic braces, such as Ceramic braces, may be a little pricey, ranging from PKR 250,000.
Lingual braces, fitted on the inner surface of the teeth, and Invisalign, which provides a discreet treatment option because the aligners are almost invisible, normally have higher average costs because of their niche market. Costs for lingual braces range from PKR 350,000 to PKR 400,000.

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