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How Much P-Shot Cost in Islamabad

How Much P Shot Cost in Islamabad

How Much P Shot Cost in Islamabad

This treatment was first used to help heal wounds and treat sports injuries. However, it is now also used to improve looks and treat sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and sexual disease in men. It is also available now at Enfield Royal Clinic Islamabad. Furthermore, your doctor takes your cells and tissues and injects them into your penile tissues to help the tissues grow. Therefore, it gives you better erections.

Moreover, the priapus shot is the most well-known type. Furthermore, it is amazing how well our bodies can heal themselves. Additionally, naturally occurring stem cells make new tissue. Further, PRP uses concentrated platelets that are full of bioactive proteins. Furthermore, these proteins release growth factors that help cells grow back and tissues heal faster. Therefore, in this blog, you will read about this treatment and how much a P-shot cost in Islamabad.

Understanding P-shot Process

You will have to lie or sit at a table when you go to see your sexologist or andrologist for a P-shot. There will be numbing cream or lotion put on your penis. Moreover, the doctor will take a few milliliters of blood from your vein and put it in a syringe or collection bag. After that, the blood will be put into test tubes that will be put into a centrifuge. Spinning takes a few minutes for the platelets and plasma to separate from the blood. The tubes will then show a clear yellow liquid.

Adding a calcium-gluconate solution to the yellow liquid makes the platelets work. After that, the liquid is put into tubes with tiny holes and slowly pumped into different parts of the penis shaft. Additionally, it is clear that the injection liquid quickly makes the person bigger and longer. It is just the beginning. It is the platelets and plasma that help the erection muscles and blood vessels inside the penis shaft heal and grow.

Duration of the Process

It takes less than thirty minutes to complete. Patients rarely miss work since they are not required to remain in a medical facility for treatment. Furthermore, patients may immediately return to work following the break. You should not anticipate too much pain, just some discomfort. Some physicians may advise you to use pain relievers for some time if you experience a lot of discomfort. 

Regeneration and Development of Erectile Muscles Following P-shot

  • The muscles used in the erection develop and recover after a P-shot.
  • Penile tissue development and healing lead to stronger erections.
  • Blood vessel healing and development result in more erections in less time.
  • Have increased sexual energy.
  • Boost your confidence, which everyone needs both on and off bed.

When to Accept the Result After Treatment?

You might notice the benefits in one day, lasting 8 weeks until they level off. The defense system should not react to the injection liquid because it comes from the body. The body will conveniently be able to change, adapt, and react to the given liquid.

The majority of the time, you do not even need to stop being sexual. From day 1, you can go ahead. It will take 8 weeks for the penile muscles and blood vessels to heal and grow back. Once they do, the effects can last up to 2 years. Some men do it again every 6 to 8 months until they get the penis size they want.

How Much P-Shot Cost in Islamabad?

The P-shot cost in Islamabad starts at 13000 PKR to 20,000 PKR. Moreover, the price of a P-shot depends on the clinic location and doctor. Furthermore, your doctor can tell you exactly the cost of the treatment. Many other factors also affect the cost of the treatment.

Final Thought

P-shot treatment can help regenerate tissues and boost growth factors. At Enfield Royal Clinic, we are making it a hopeful way to help guys with problems with their general performance. As a specialized treatment for male performance, the P-Shot can help with penile dysfunction.

Improve overall sexual health by consulting our specialists. Contact us now and book your appointment.

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