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Non surgical hair transplant

Nonsurgical Hair Transplant

Nonsurgical Hair Transplant

Everyone who wants to restore their hair prefers a nonsurgical hair transplant. Therefore, having such options available is a great relief. However, a certified surgeon can recommend which is best to get maximized results. Moreover, invasive or surgical transplantation is risky and may have risks associated with it. Therefore, it is a safer way.

Additionally, with the help of some advanced technologies, such treatments have wonderful results for those suffering hair loss or thinning. Similarly, unlike typical surgical hair transplant treatments, nonsurgical solutions provide fewer disturbing alternatives and need less downtime. Hence, this blog will delve into hair transplantation in Islamabad and its options.

Understanding Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation

Nonsurgical hair transplant procedures seek to solve hair loss issues without surgery. Moreover, these treatments are appropriate for people with varied levels of hair loss. Further, these provide a variety of alternatives for achieving natural-looking results.

Types of Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation in Islamabad

In this era of advancement and innovation, cosmetic treatment is changing rapidly. Moreover, some of the well-known treatments are given below.

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): It involves taking a very small amount of a patient’s blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets in it, and inserting it into the head. Hair follicles stay healthy and grow faster because of the growth factors in PRP.
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): It uses LEDs or low-level lasers to activate hair cells and help them grow back. People often use laser caps or hats for this non-invasive method.
  • Areas of Treatment: Topical treatments or foams with minoxidil, a medicine approved to help hair grow, may be used as nonsurgical options. These go straight on the head.
  • Hair Fiber Powders: These beauty products make your hair look stronger than it is. Sticking to existing hair strands makes the face look bigger and thicker.

Advantages Of Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation:

  • No Incision: Nonsurgical treatments for hair loss are often less invasive than surgery methods, so they cause less pain and faster healing times.
  • Flexibility: Nonsurgical ways can help people with different types and stages of hair loss, making them suitable for a wide range of needs.
  • No bruising: Nonsurgical treatments do not involve cuts or grafts, so bruising is not possible. This makes them more appealing to people who are worried about how they will look.
  • Instant Results: Some medical treatments, like hair fiber powders, can make you look better right away, which can boost your confidence without making you wait a long time to heal.

Consult with Expert

Before deciding on a nonsurgical hair transplant, consumers should speak with a skilled healthcare expert or hair restoration specialist. It includes an evaluation of the severity of hair loss, general health, and appropriateness of certain therapies.

Aftercare Following the Treatment

It takes 3–7 days to heal after a painless hair replacement treatment. Moreover, it is also normal to feel some pain every once in a while. The treatment will not take long to get back to normal if you follow your doctor’s care and steps. It also needs more maintenance and security. Similarly, it would also help if you got this kind of treatment repeatedly after a while to keep the effects. Also, the results will not be as good as with hair transplant surgery.

Cost of Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

The cost of non-surgical hair transplants in Islamabad, Pakistan ranges from 20,000 PKR to 100,000 PKR. However, it depends on certain factors. The main factors determining the cost are the number of sessions and the treatment. Which treatment a specialist recommends of you also determines the price.

To get the long-lasting effect of the treatment in a reasonable and affordable price range, consult with Enfield Royal Islamabad. Our specialists treat patients courteously, so they feel at home in our clinic. Moreover, they will tell you the cost of your treatment and which will be best for you.


People who want to treat their hair loss without surgery can consider nonsurgical hair transplants. These technologies offer different choices based on each person’s needs, such as PRP therapy, low-level laser treatments, and topical uses. People can make better decisions about their hair regrowth journey when they know the pros and cons of painless treatments.

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