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Should I shave before beard hair transplant

Should I Shave before Beard Hair Transplant?

Should I Shave before Beard Hair Transplant?

Should you shave before a beard transplant? The thought may trigger a chain reaction of fears, bringing to mind images of a life without disguises or amplifying underlying insecurities. No need to worry; there is a light at the end of the storm that can revive your follicular goals. Join us on a journey to solve this problem: Should I shave before a beard hair transplant?

What is a Beard hair transplant?

A beard hair transplant involves transplanting hair follicles from another portion of the body to the chin, cheeks, or neck. Because of improved hair transplant surgery techniques, facial hair transplants now seem natural. Many transplant procedures are carried out, including eyebrow, beard, and temple hair reshaping. This is because these procedures can yield excellent results.

Who Needs a Beard Hair Transplant?

A candidate wanting a fuller beard must choose a procedure based on their desired beard fullness. For instance, a complete “lumberjack” beard or a short “low strap” beard is essential. Beard transplants may also appeal to scarred or damaged hair loss patients. They want beard hair implanted into a hairless area.

In cases where previous transplants have depleted the scalp donor supply, the beard can be used as a salvage source. Beard hairs are DHT-resistant, so age shouldn’t matter for a bread-to-beard transplant.

How is a Beard Hair Transplant Done?

Follicular unit excision (FUE), which uses punch excision instead of a strip surgery, is the only safe way to collect beard hairs for transplantation. Beard hair is FUE-harvested. If hairs are transplanted into the beard, they can be retrieved from the scalp using FUE or linear strip excision (LSE), previously known as FUT.

The Goal of Beard Hair Transplantation:

After a beard hair transplant, the goal is a natural-looking beard that promotes self-confidence and facial beauty. The technique provides a long-term option for improving facial hair. This can be done by filling uneven areas, increasing beard density, or starting from scratch.

What is the Recovery Time and Post-Procedural Care?

Even though the therapy has no downtime, you must make some lifestyle changes. For example, you will focus more on the receiver and harvesting sites. Your surgeon will provide all the necessary instruments and materials.

After a beard transplant, avoid these for a few days:

  • You can swim in pools or the ocean.
  • Intensive direct
  • Enjoying two days of smoking
  • Saunas/steam rooms
  • Extreme exercise
  • Touching, rubbing, or scratching the harvested or implant areas from the outside

Your beard hair should fall out within 15 days of surgery. This is good since it means you’re recovering well. After this, stronger, higher-quality hair will grow. Wait seven to eight months before shaving your beard. Avoid razor blades until now, but scissors are fine.

Are beard transplants durable?

A beard transplant is permanent and can last as long as needed, unless burned or damaged. Because the operation can be done on anyone, there is no “best” age for a beard transplant. However, individuals must wait at least 25 years before getting a beard transplant, because the beard usually only matures then.

To make an informed decision, consider the risks, advantages, and long-term effects of a beard transplant. Fair expectations are also essential since a beard transplant cannot guarantee a specific style or thickness before the procedure.

How Long Does a Beard Transplant Last?

Some people may feel sore or uncomfortable after surgery, although nonprescription painkillers can help. Cold compresses and prescription medications help reduce swelling and redness. Swelling and redness in the treated area are typical for a few days after surgery.

Most people report that a beard transplant is well-tolerated and causes mild discomfort. Discuss any concerns about pain or discomfort with the surgeon before the surgery. This will prevent discomfort by taking adequate precautions.

What is the Cost of Beard Transplant in Islamabad?

The price of a beard hair transplant ranges anywhere between PKR 85,000 and PKR 125,000 depending on the fact that every patient has unique requirements. Thus, there is no cookie-cutter approach. The extent of baldness, the desired thickness of the beard, and a number of sessions needed are some of the factors that can affect the final cost. Just so you have an idea, the treatment usually costs 

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