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Why do root canals have to be redone?

Root canal-treated teeth can last a lifetime if properly cared for. However, treated teeth may not totally recover. You may have pain or get an illness months or years after treatment. You have another chance if your tooth doesn’t recover or develops new issues. A second surgery may save your tooth and expedite recuperation. If […]

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Root canal therapy is a commonplace dental process. Moreover, it treats and shops a tooth that is seriously infected or decayed. However, it was considered a prolonged and uncomfortable method. However, dental generation and strategy improvements have made root canals more effective and less painful. Even though one common question is, “ How Long Does […]

Are Root Canals Bad for Your Heart?

Root canal treatment is a popular dentistry operation. Moreover, it can save a tooth that is badly damaged or infected. Although, people generally agree that the treatment is good at protecting natural teeth and easing pain. However, there is talk and false information about its possible link to heart health risks. Therefore, this in-depth guide […]

6 Things You Should Know About Root Canals!

Do you feel anxious about root canals? It is critical to grasp their principles if you desire healthy teeth and gums. Let’s break it down! Root canals fix or clean the teeth’s nerves that have been infected or have nerve damage. They are important because they restore structural teeth that will be discarded if not […]

Will Bad Breath Go Away After a Root Canal?

Many people struggle with halitosis, or persistent bad breath. Poor dental hygiene, gum disease, and especially tooth infections may cause this illness. People sometimes wonder if a root canal will improve their bad breath. Despite relieving pain and preventing illness, this practice may surprise you with its effect on bad breath. If root surgery was […]

Is the root canal safe for a lifetime?

Have you ever wondered what secrets dental treatments conceal behind the surface? Here’s a query that may have come to mind for you: Is getting a root canal treatment in Islamabad a lifetime safe procedure? Come along with us as we set out to clarify the world of root canals, learn about their advantages, and […]

What is the average price of a root canal in Pakistan?

Root canal treatment in Islamabad preserves a natural tooth, improves its functions, and restores optimal oral health. It is an endodontic treatment performed to treat a damaged or infected tooth. During this procedure, the targeted pulp is precisely extracted to restore the appearance and function of the specific tooth. Amidst uncertainty and inflation, it is […]

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Root Canal

You should contact a dentist if you have teeth issues or your oral health is suffering. However, your dentist will recommend a root canal if you have lately developed unbearable tooth pain. Moreover, it is also alarming if you are sensitive to different drink temperatures. Further swelling around your teeth or gums may also need […]