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What is the average price of a root canal in Pakistan

What is the average price of a root canal in Pakistan?

What is the average price of a root canal in Pakistan?

Root canal treatment in Islamabad preserves a natural tooth, improves its functions, and restores optimal oral health. It is an endodontic treatment performed to treat a damaged or infected tooth. During this procedure, the targeted pulp is precisely extracted to restore the appearance and function of the specific tooth. Amidst uncertainty and inflation, it is pertinent to know about the average root canal price in Pakistan.

Reinstate The Beauty Of Your Smile: Overview

The primary purpose of this procedure is to preserve and repair the aesthetics and functions of a badly affected tooth. The damaged pulp is strategically and painlessly removed during this treatment. It restores the integrity of the natural tooth and the aesthetics of your genuine smile.

Benefits of This Endodontic Method:

  • Removes infected pulp and extends relief from the pain
  • Limits the spread of infection and prevents the integrity of an affected tooth
  • Improves the aesthetics and functionality 
  • Restores the structure and natural appearance of teeth
  • It boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an individual

What Is The Average Price Of A Root Canal In Pakistan?

The price of a root canal treatment in Pakistan starts from 18000 PKR. The cost varies based on the severity of the issue and the specific requirements of an individual. Besides that, several factors can influence the overall treatment price.

An individual must get an affordable and feasible procedure to meet his or her ends. You should never compromise on the quality of a procedure and always seek the services of a skilled professional. Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad offers you both cost-effective procedures and quality services.

Here Are A Few Expense-Determining Factors:

It is essential to know about the factors that can influence the expenses of this method. 

Specific Needs of an Individual

The severity of the issue varies from person to person. Some people require extensive or mild adjustments to recover the liveliness of their smiles. The intensity of your problem influences overall treatment expenses.

The Clinic’s Reputation and Location

These factors can have a significant influence on overall pricing. You may have to pay more if you choose to visit a reputable clinic. Additionally, the facility’s location also determines the procedure’s overall charges.

The Expertise of a Surgeon

Undoubtedly, experience matters. A skilled professional charges more than a newbie. You must get the services of a highly skilled professional. It may increase the charges of this method, but also bring about your desired results. 

Aftercare Procedure:

  • Take only prescribed medicines to manage pain and discomfort
  • Maintain oral health and avoid chewing
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated
  • Inform your dentist if you observe an infection

All Summed Up:

The importance of an exuberant smile cannot be neglected. It expresses the happiness and pleasure of a person. If your oral health is not optimal, you may find difficulty in smiling. Many people observe a damaged or cracked tooth or infected pulp. Root canal treatment in Islamabad is aimed at extracting the infected pulp, preserving the shape and integrity of the natural teeth, and restoring the glamour of his smile. This is a practical and feasible technique. You may have to pay 18000 PKR to get this treatment!

Schedule your appointment at Enfield Royal Clinics Islamabad to get a root canal in Pakistan. We offer customised treatments to produce optimal results. Visit our clinic and let us address your dental problems.


A professional at ERC Islamabad utilises local anaesthesia during the procedure, making it a painless and comfortable experience.

It is better to avoid eating for about 40 minutes to an hour after undergoing root canal treatment in Islamabad. Your doctor will instruct you to follow certain practices to get optimal results. 

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