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Can I wash my face after an oxygen facial?

Can I wash my face after an oxygen facial?

Can I wash my face after an oxygen facial?

A youthful and glowing skin makes an individual confident and self-assured. However, the glow and brightness fade away as we grow older. Sadly, the ageing factor diminishes our skin’s charm and brightness, leading to several skin-related blemishes, such as wrinkles and fine lines and producing a dull and tedious texture. Oxygen Facial in Islamabad exfoliates the skin and reduces the signs of ageing, leading to the desired skin tone and texture.

Largely, it is a painless approach, and people do not experience pain or discomfort. This leads them to ask whether they can wash their face after undergoing this procedure. Interested in finding the answer? Continue reading it!

Unearthing The Concept Of Oxygen Facial:

This is a nonmedical face rejuvenation treatment. An expert does not involve any cuts or chemicals during this procedure. A professional at Enfield Royal Clinics  uses a stream of highly pressurised oxygen to infuse nutrients and antioxidants. This procedure aims to promote skin health, reduce ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines, and foster collagen production in the treated area.

What Happens During This Procedure?

An expert uses a device to spray oxygen onto the skin. Oxygen increases cell turnover and boosts collagen production. It also improves skin texture and rejuvenates skin appearance. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties of oxygen also deal with acne and other skin blemishes.

What Are The Benefits of This Cosmetic Treatment?

  • Eliminates the appearance of pores and ends the accumulation of dirt and oil on the skin
  • It appears that aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduces inflammation, exfoliates the skin, manages acne and improves the appearance of the targeted area
  • Keeps the plumpness and brightness of the skin and increases cell turnover
  • Fosters collagen production and adds to the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Restores the youthfulness and innate glamour of an individual’s personality

Can I Wash My Face After an Oxygen Facial?

It is not recommended to wash your face following an oxygen facial in Islamabad. Experts do not recommend patients wash their faces and ask them to wait a day before washing their faces. Though it does not cause any damage or irritation to the skin. Cleansing can wash off the benefits or reduce the advantages of this treatment. That’s why patients are asked to avoid washing their faces for about a day or more if needed.

You may apply moisturiser and sunscreen after undergoing this procedure. However, you should avoid washing your face to get optimal results. 

How Much Does An Oxygen Facial Cost?

The cost of oxygen facials in Islamabad starts at 30,000 PKR. Its cost may vary from person to person. Several factors include an individual’s specific needs and requirements, the clinic’s location, and the expertise of a Dermatologist.


Oxygen facials in Islamabad is a cosmetic procedure performed to remove ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and acne, increase cell turnover, foster collagen production, and improve skin tone and texture. It is a painless skin rejuvenation technique as it does not involve any cuts and incisions, and no chemicals are used during the procedure. Patients should avoid washing their faces for about a day after undergoing this treatment as it could reduce the benefits of oxygen facials.

Schedule your appointment at Enfield Royal Clinics PK to treat your cosmetic issues, reverse the ageing process and improve skin tone and texture. Our experts offer personalised treatment and allow people to see their desired results. Visit our clinic, get a consultation session and let us rejuvenate your personality aesthetics.


Normally, Individuals should wait for about a day to wash their face. Washing your face instantly after the treatment may wash the benefits of the procedure.

Though it is not a surgical procedure. However, you may experience redness and tightness after undergoing an oxygen facial in Islamabad. These side effects do not last long and subside after a few days.

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