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Can smokers' lips be treated in Islamabad?

Can smokers’ lips be treated in Islamabad?

Can smokers’ lips be treated in Islamabad?

Have you ever wondered if smoking could repair the effects on your lips? Imagine stained, cracked lips—a typical occurrence for smokers. But worry not about how Smokers’ Lips Can Be Treated in Islamabad.

The treat to the lips may be disheartening in the busy city of Islamabad, at Enfield Royal Clinic  PK, where smoking is common. Frequent smoking exposure can make lips wrinkly, dry, and lacking in elasticity. However, in the middle of these difficulties, there is hope for individuals who want to repair their lips. Watch this space to learn about the amazing transformations that smokers’ lips can undergo in Islamabad. 

What Causes the Smoker’s Lips?

People who smoke constantly may struggle with their lips. The chemical components in cigarette smoke may cause lips to seem dry and discoloured. Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, which reduces the lips supply of essential nutrients and oxygen. This lack of movement can make the lips look old and foolish. Wrinkles around the mouth may additionally broaden because of smoking and repeatedly pursing your lips.

Furthermore, smoking speeds up the skin‘s breakdown of collagen and elastin, which causes lips to lose their volume and softness. Giving up smoking and developing a moisturizing lip care routine can help enhance the condition of people’s lips by restoring moisture and elasticity.

Impacts of Smoker’s Lips Treatment:

The impacts of the treatment vary depending on the individual and their situation. Many times later, the effects start to become more noticeable. The lips appear noticeably pinker and more vibrant in colour. The results might be particularly positive if the skin care expert delivering the treatment is knowledgeable and experienced.

As long as the patient takes good care of their lips and refrains from behaviours that cause their lips to darken, the treatment’s effects should last for a very long time.

What is the Procedure of Treatment?

  • To help ensure comfort throughout the procedure, a smoker’s lips therapy may also involve the use of numbing lotion or local anesthetic.
  • To address specific lip concerns such as wrinkles or volume loss, the treatment plan may also include cutting or incisions.
  • Certain situations may include the use of filler or other substance injections to increase lip fullness and lessen the visibility of fine wrinkles.
  • The method involves using exact techniques to improve lip texture and get outcomes that seem natural.
  • Closing any incisions caused during the operation may require stitches after the treatment.
  • The purpose of wound dressing is to protect the treated area and promote healing.
  • While follow-up sessions following non-invasive treatments are planned to assess healing and address any complications, follow-up intervals follow invasive procedures.


  • The procedure gives the lips a particularly full, pink appearance.
  • Reduced pigment formation is the cause of the reduced lip pigmentation.
  • It gives lips an additional glossy, kissable quality.
  • The treatment results in outcomes similar to those of herbal searches.
  • Moreover, there are fewer chances of lip strains developing.
  • The character gets stronger and gains confidence.
  • The procedure is extremely safe and effective, with guaranteed results. 

Cost of Smoker’s Lip Treatment in Islamabad:

The average cost of Smoker’s Lips treatment in Islamabad starts from PKR 10,000 to PKR 20,000. The charges vary for every individual depending on the treatment option selected, the required variety of classes, the procedure level, and the information provided by the dermatologist. The final fee is determined by consulting the dermatologist after thinking about all the factors.

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