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Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal?

Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal?

Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal?

People who want to get rid of unwanted hair for good often choose laser hair removal as a cosmetic treatment. As with many new technologies, laser hair removal has caused people to wonder if it is okay to use in light of Islamic beliefs. This blog will look at the religious, moral, and practical sides of laser hair removal. Therefore, we will discuss Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal:

For laser hair removal, doctors use focused blasts of light called lasers to target hair cells and kill them. The hair’s colour soaks up the light, which hurts the root enough to make the hair grow later than planned. It can greatly slow hair growth, but it doesn’t promise total hair removal.

How Does It Work?

The colour in the hair absorbs the light that a laser sends out. Moreover, the light energy turns into heat, which hurts the hair cells. Therefore, This damage stops or slows hair growth in the future.

Treatment of Common Areas:

  • Face
  • Legs
  • Armpits
  • Back of bikini line

Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal?

Islamic law comes from the Quran, Hadith that are the sayings and deeds of Prophet Muhammad, Ijma the agreement of teachers, and Qiyas using analogies to make sense of things. Moreover, scholars read these books to get ideas for how to deal with modern problems. Therefore, you can get the answer Is it Haram to Do Laser Hair Removal?

Islamic Beliefs Give Clear Instructions on How to Get Rid of Hair:

  • For cleanliness’s sake, you should get rid of hair from your groin area and underarms.
  • Men should keep their mustaches and beards in good shape.
  • Most people think that plucking your eyebrows is bad, but some experts disagree.

Hair Removal in Islam:

  • Permissible Hair Removal: A very important idea in Islam is that things should be clean. Laser hair removal can be seen as a way to keep yourself clean, which is something that Muslims strongly believe in.
  • Permanent Nature: Laser hair removal does not permanently change the creation of Allah, unlike permanent changes to the body. It only slows hair growth, so it might only be used for a short time.
  • Intention Matters: The act’s aim is very important in deciding whether it is legal or not. People may be able to do it if they are trying to keep things clean and healthy.

Arguments Against Permissibility:

  • Imitation of Non-Muslim Practices: Some experts say that following the customs and beliefs of non-Muslim societies, especially those that have to do with pride and beauty, might not be in line with Islamic values.
  • Changing Allah’s Creation: Some people worry that laser hair removal could be seen as changing Allah’s creation, which is not allowed unless there is a medical reason.

Practical Things to Think About:

  • Talks with Religious Scholars: Because people have different ideas, it is best for them to talk to Islamic experts or Muftis who know a lot about Islamic law and can give them advice based on what they know.
  • Medical Necessities: In situations where too much hair growth is causing mental or physical problems, laser hair removal may be seen as necessary and therefore legal.
  • Safety: Making sure the process is done by trained professionals is important to avoid harm, which is in line with the Islamic concept of protecting health.


In conclusion, it’s not easy to say if laser hair removal is legal in Islam. It depends a lot on the reason for the process and the situation for which you are doing it.  Some experts might think it’s okay because it’s only brief and good for cleaning and health, but others might not because they don’t want to change Allah’s creation or copy non-Muslim customs. Before choosing laser hair removal, it is important to get specific help from Islamic teachers. Moreover, they must be well-versed in the subject and think about the issue from both a religious and a medical point of view.

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