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Do eyes look bigger after eyelid surgery in Islamabad?

Do eyes look bigger after eyelid surgery in Islamabad?

Do eyes look bigger after eyelid surgery in Islamabad?

Blepharoplasty, frequently called an eyelid lift, eliminates fat and skin from the eyelids and limits or exceeds fat. The name is misleading because during surgery, you do not see the eyelid being lifted. Upper Blepharoplasty uses incisions on the face to get rid of fat and deep pores. After that, a tiny thread holds the skin together to establish an eyelid crease.

Transnational lower eyelid surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan may entail incisions on the skin right below the lash line or inside the eyelid. This procedure is appropriate for fat removal or addition since it allows eyelid access. This technique could be coupled with laser eyelid resurfacing to lessen wrinkling and stress levels.

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty improves eyelid appearance. This method is suitable for the upper or lower eyelids. Deformation can result from skin loosening with age. Deformation causes eyelids to stretch and weaken their supporting muscles. Thus, extra fat collects above or below the eyelids, causing sagging eyebrows, droopy upper lids, and under-eye bags. These conditions reduce peripheral vision, especially in the upper and superior areas.

How Does an Eyelid Lift Work?oli

The surgery mostly involves cutting along the lash line or eye crease to get rid of the skin. Lower eyelid surgery reduces bulging skin beneath the eyes. Usually, an incision is done underneath your lash line. First, a few fat pockets are separated. A more polished appearance is achieved by raising the skin.

Who is Eligible For Eyelid Surgery?

Patients with good health are most likely to benefit from the procedure. Surgery is usually performed on patients over 35, but if your family has droopy or disordered eyelids, you may want it younger. This surgery may boost your confidence and looks. It may also make you look faultless or affect your face structure.

Steps Involved in Eyelid Surgery:

General anesthesia is seldom administered during this outpatient surgery. Your doctor will inject a numbing chemical into your eyelids, treating the upper eyelids first. Then, he/she will make a small cut to remove muscle skin and fat. Before your doctor seals the incision, these issues may spread to other areas.

Lid blepharoplasty usually removes fat that contributes to under-eye bags. Small amounts of skin are also removed. The incision can either be inside or outside the eyelid, below the lower eyelashes. In order to achieve the right look, people may plicate or fix the lower eyelids to the skeleton.


While the operation may cause some worry, the outcomes are permanent. Most patients see advantages within one to two weeks of surgery, although full results may take four to six weeks. Results vary depending on the skin type, treatment region, surgical method, and other factors. As people age, the skin around their eyes starts to droop again, but if they eat well and live properly, they can see longer-lasting improvements.

Recovery Period:

The recovery period following surgery is short. Even though swelling and bruises worsen practically immediately after surgery, they have started to lessen. Ice packs help reduce swelling and bruising. A cushion is recommended for head support and edema reduction. 

Avoid working for a week or two to avoid bloodstream expansion. Redness and blurriness may take a half-month to disappear. Remember to delay drug endorsement until scheduled improvement symptoms appear.

Benefits of Blepharoplasty: 

Blepharoplasty has cosmetic and functional benefits, including:

  • Reduces under-eye bags.
  • Boost your vision.
  • Prevents friction-induced creases.
  • Improves appearance.
  • Removes dark circles.
  • Gain confidence.
  • Youthful Look.
  • Eye muscles stiffen.
  • Eliminates eye swelling.
  • Remove eye wrinkles.
  • reduces eye drooping.
  • Produces lasting results.
  • Increases eye brightness.
  • Removes superfluous skin.
  • Reduces eye sagging.

Cost of Eyelid Surgery in Islamabad:

The cost of eyelid surgery in Islamabad is PKR 260,000 to PKR 385,000. Cost is important before treatment, although eyelid surgery in Islamabad costs vary by patient and depend on several aspects. These can include, but are not limited to, no of eyelid surgeries, a selected clinic’s location, surgeon time, the anesthesiologist’s fee, operating room charges, sedation fee, surgical technique, medicines, etc.
Furthermore, eyelid surgery is technically the most complicated as it only affects the eye. The quality and knowledge of the surgeon are more significant than the cost.

Book Your Consultation at Enfield Royal Clinic:

Thanks to this procedure’s long-term benefits, blepharoplasty has become more and more popular. In case you need your young, fair and tight eyes and don’t like to find hooded and droopy ones, you can opt for eyelid surgery in Islamabad. Enfield Royal Clinics‘ safe, hygienic therapy yields immediate effects. Talk to our cosmetologists if you have questions. We can help you achieve your goals.

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