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Is breast augmentation an injectable treatment in Islamabad?

Is breast augmentation an injectable treatment in Islamabad?

Is breast augmentation an injectable treatment in Islamabad?

Knowing one’s breast size and shape is a blessing. However, many women have breast concerns. Their modest breast sizes were a major issue, and they desired a long-lasting solution. For the best breast augmentation outcomes in Islamabad, visit Enfield Royal Clinics.

This article provides basic information about breast enlargement surgery, including outcomes, benefits, technique, and cost. Read the following information.

Breast augmentation—what is it?

Breast augmentation involves implanting or transferring fat to the breasts to change their size, fullness, or form. The operation aims to improve breast attractiveness and self-confidence. This outpatient surgery takes many hours. General anesthesia is used.

Breast augmentation treatment options:

Breast augmentation in Islamabad, a common cosmetic operation, can permanently increase breast size. Many specialist drugs are available to achieve the desired effect, and they are customized for each patient:

Injections in the breast: Breast implants, which are silicone or saline injections, can increase breast size and shape. You can get results that suit your tastes. Breast implants can add fullness, balance, or a youthful look. 

Fat Exchange: Fat exchange, also known as fat integration or fat infusion, involves extracting fat from one area of the body and transporting it to the breasts. Fat conversion is fat exchange. This procedure improves breast size and form while shaping donor sites. 

Breast Implants: The newly designed arranged bosom implants have saline-filled chambers. This unique shape gives the product a more uniform appearance and feel than traditional saline inserts. 

Choosing the Right Implant Type for You:

Discuss your goals and concerns with a trained plastic surgeon to choose the right implant. Your surgeon will also analyze your anatomy and advise you depending on your lifestyle, body type, and preferences. This will be done per the info. Breast implants have two main categories:

Silicone implants: Silicone implants are popular with women who want a natural look and feel since they are filled with a gel that feels like human fat. Silicone implants are less likely to ripple or wrinkle than saline implants.

Saline implants: Saline implants, filled with sterile seawater, cost less than silicone implants. Saline implants are cheaper. They also allow size adjustments during therapy. They are slightly more likely to rupture or wrinkle than silicone implants.

Customizing Your Augmentation: Dimensions, arrangement, and placement:

Before implant insertion, breast augmentation patients must consider size, shape, and placement. Important to note:

Size: The implant size you choose will greatly affect your surgery results. Your surgeon will help you choose an implant size within your budget to get the right volume and proportion.

Shape: Implants come in round and teardrop forms. Spherical implants appear big and round, while teardrop implants appear natural and sloping.

Placement: Implants can be placed above or below the muscle. Placement above the muscle provides a more natural appearance and sensation, while placement below the muscle provides better coverage and reduces implant exposure.

Results before and after:

Breast Augmentation in Islamabad results vary by person and procedure. Conclusions vary on the procedure used. In general, breast augmentation can increase cup size, fullness, projection, and form balance. The technique provides these benefits.

The surgery’s results may take months to become apparent. This must be remembered. To get the best results and recovery, follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions.

Which benefits does it offer?

Surgery to augment the breast usually has many benefits. Some major benefits are listed below.

  • Breast size and fullness have increased.
  • Self-esteem and confidence have increased.
  • Asymmetrical breast repair.
  • Regaining volume after pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Enhancing look and garment fit.
  • Improved cleavage and breast contour.
  • Greater balance and proportion in the figure.
  • Breast and congenital deformities can be fixed.
  • Body image and life quality improved.
  • Significantly better and longer-lasting results than conventional treatments.

Prepare for Procedure:

Preparation for breast augmentation is crucial. These steps will prepare you for the process:

  • Choose a qualified plastic surgeon.
  • Discuss your goals and expectations.
  • Put down the cigarette and alcohol.
  • Aspirin should be avoided.
  • Prepare for recovery.
  • Follow preoperative instructions.

Breast implants are used in breast augmentation surgery to increase donor breast size, fullness, and projection. 

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Islamabad?

Breast augmentation in Islamabad costs PKR 400,000 to PKR 550,000. However, prices may vary by person. The surgery cannot be done affordably. There are many factors that affect therapy costs, including:

  • Veteran plastic surgeon billed.
  • Clinic location and reputation.
  • both implant type and incision procedure.
  • Sessions needed (if any).
  • Unincluded fees.

Please contact us if you have any price questions or want to discuss your expectations. Our expert will assist you.

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Therefore, these are the basics of breast enlargement surgery. If you want it from a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, please arrange an appointment with Enfield Royal Clinics. Our surgeons will assess your case and offer a treatment. Contact us immediately!

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