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Preparing for a Hifu face Lift in Islamabad

Preparing for a Hifu Facelift in Islamabad – A Detailed Guide!

Preparing for a Hifu Facelift in Islamabad – A Detailed Guide!

Natural ageing and gravity cause facial skin to sag. Although this is more common in older people, it can happen younger. A facelift will make you look older than you are, but if you want to look your best, consider it. Does a facelift upset you? No problem! 

HIFU—high-intensity focused ultrasound—can lift facial skin without incisions or sutures. But are you worried about the procedure and its outcomes? Do you want to know how you can prepare for the procedure? Let us find out!

What is HIFU?

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) uses sound waves to treat cancer. No major surgery is needed for this ultraformer therapy. Your doctor does routine ultrasound scans to evaluate your body for several reasons. Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to take real-time images or videos of your organs and soft tissues.

However, HIFU does not produce images. Instead, it uses highly focused sound waves to change or delete bodily tissues. These ultrasonic rays can pass through numerous layers of tissue, including your skin, without causing damage. Using MRI or ultrasound imaging, doctors manage, guide, and check high-frequency ultrasound (HIFU).

What happens before HIFU?

HIFU often requires an MRI or ultrasound before starting, which makes it easier to specify where your doctor should focus. Your provider will provide detailed instructions to prepare you for HIFU, and following their counsel is crucial.

What happens during HIFU?

Some of the most important HIFU steps are:

  • Targeted area cleanup.
  • A topical anaesthetic is given to the appropriate area.
  • Application of ultrasonic gel to the area.
  • HIFU device placement on the region.
  • Equipment configuration according to specs.
  • Ultrasonic waves to the affected area.
  • Administer brief pulses for 80–90 seconds.
  • Device disposal at the appropriate location. 
  • The method requires numerous treatment sessions. A tingling sensation exists. Pain can be treated with analgesics.
  • This non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime.

HIFU achieves long-term fat loss. Heat is applied to the stomach or thighs to break down fat cells. It reduces fat and boosts collagen synthesis, making the skin firmer and smoother. No cutting or drilling is needed for HIFU skin tightening treatments.

Aftercare and Avoidance Following Procedure

It is vital to avoid direct sunlight and wear SPF 50+ sunscreen. The sun’s rays accelerate skin ageing, causing wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging. In addition, ultraviolet A rays harm skin elastin and collagen, which may reduce HIFU treatment efficiency.

HIFU treatment tightens and elevates subcutaneous drooping tissues. It uses low-level heat to stimulate collagen and tissue regeneration in the treated skin. After one HIFU therapy, the old skin works harder. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) can treat the neck, cheeks, chin, jowls, nasolabial fold, brow, and forehead. HIFU is wonderful for tightening neck skin.

  • The face is sculpted and slender.
  • Anti-wrinkle measures.
  • Purifies pores.
  • It improves texture.
  • Helps define the jawline.
  • Raises Sagging brows or eyelids.
  • Flattening facial wrinkles.

Advice for Aftercare Right after HIFU

HIFU skin therapy patients must know how to take care of themselves after treatment to avoid complications and adverse effects that could reduce its benefits. Refer to these guidelines:

Avoid Sun Exposure:

For several weeks after HIFU skin treatment, avoid the sun and cold. Avoiding the sun prevents hyperpigmentation, sunburn, and other skin damage. Sunblock should also be used to protect skin from UV rays. Continue until the skin becomes stringy.

Stop alcohol:

Stay away from alcohol after therapy to avoid liver damage. Alcohol swells the liver. The liver will break down deactivated fat after therapy.

Alcohol should also force the liver to metabolize stored fat. Alcohol overworks the liver and thins the blood. Lower-density blood is harder to coagulate, which can cause excessive bleeding. Do not drink alcohol.

Stop itching

It’s tempting to scratch an itchy body after treatment, but don’t. Scratching now could injure the skin. Scabs should naturally emerge, and removal may cause an infected wound. Avoid scratching after therapy.

Hydration Matters

Drink lots of water after HIFU to stay hydrated. Water promotes collagen production, which aids healing.

No Hot Baths

Bathing in cold water preserves your skin’s natural oil and prevents inflammation. Even if you must use hot water, use lukewarm to speed up skin recovery. Avoid hot showers unless your doctor approves them first.

HIFU treatment Costs in Islamabad:

Hifu treatment prices in Islamabad start at 25,000 PKR. depending on several factors. Remember that treatment cost should not be your primary factor when choosing a treatment. To ensure the finest results, choose a competent and experienced practitioner.

Book a Consultation.

Enfield Royal Clinic offers consultations to help you appear better than ever. If you want to get HIFU treatment, our clinic has experts and experienced cosmetologists to help you out. Call or fill out our online form to schedule a doctor’s consultation. 

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