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Can upper & lower eyelid surgery be performed at the same time

Can upper & lower eyelid surgery be performed at the same time?

Can upper & lower eyelid surgery be performed at the same time?

People notice their eyes first when they glance at someone. Vision and facial emotions allow us to communicate. Aging, environmental conditions, genetics, and some factors can modify eyelids simultaneously. So, there is only one way to get your skin look young and fresh: upper and lower eyelid surgery. 

Though the procedure helps you in rejuvenate your skin and make you feel young, you might have some concerns before considering the procedure. Can you do both upper and lower eyelid surgery simultaneously? Are there any drawbacks? Do not worry! Let us find out!

Eyelid Surgery: What is it?

Eyelid skin is one of the earliest signs of aging. Eye skin tone, texture, muscles and form might change throughout time. This could be caused by skin density and elasticity loss, genetics, and face shape.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, improves eyelid appearance. This surgery can improve thin, puckered or loose skin for cosmetic purposes. Eyelid surgery is cosmetic rather than functional if the eyelids droop. This can also quickly impair vision.

Upper blepharoplasty, or upper eyelid surgery, targets the top eyelid skin. Hooded eyes often develop from skin and fat removal from the eyelid crease. Eliminating loose skin can make eyes appear younger because facial skin becomes less flexible with age.

Benefits of Simultaneous Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

  • Do Without Two Sutures

Most of our doctors recommend top and lower blepharoplasty together. This is because nobody wants two procedures. Thus, you will only need one anesthesia session, one recovery period, and simultaneous healing on all lid portions. Some surgeries on the upper or lower eye can cause even more separation. Improving all areas at once is a great way to keep your features consistent.

  • Instant Youthful Appearance

Patients who combine aesthetic eye surgeries often get faster and longer-lasting benefits. Drooping eyelids and under-eye circles can include more than just the eyes, so further face reconstruction can help you look younger for years. Combining techniques are generally sought to remove age spots by smoothing and elevating the skin around the eyes. We will always offer combo surgery to people because it benefits them.

  • Affordable Way

Combining procedures saves a lot of money, which may seem obvious. Combining upper and lower eyelid surgery can completely rejuvenate them. This avoids having to pay for two operations and schedule two insurance appointments. This procedure is very cost-effective and ensures that both eyes recover at the same time, resulting in similar results.

  • Stop looking Weary

Drooping eyelids make patients look older and fatigued, which is a typical complaint. If you cannot fully open your eyes, your vision may be impeded, and your face may appear visually dissonant. If you appear more vivacious, you may feel more energized. Anyone looking to boost their confidence should get a combination of upper and lower blepharoplasty. This treatment works on upper and lower eyelids.

Recovery Process: Managing Post-Surgery Healing

Whether one or both treatments is done simultaneously, the recovery time will not change. During wound healing, antibiotic ointment and cool compresses can minimize swelling and bruising. You will receive detailed instructions on eyelid care, topical or oral medicines, and physical activity limits. 

The early phases of healing may include swelling, bruising, a foreign body sensation, dry eyes, itching, and little to no pain. Oral, topical, and cool compresses often relieve discomfort.  Bruising and swelling usually disappear within 7-10 days. Most patients can return to normal activities within two to three weeks, but it may take months to notice benefits.

What is the Cost of upper and lower eyelid surgery is Islamabad? 

The cost of upper & lower eyelid surgery in Islamabad is 260,000 PKR to 385,000 PKR. Every patient has unique aesthetic goals and anatomical traits, therefore tailored treatment programs and costs. Because of this, the cost of simultaneous upper and lower eyelid surgery depends on each patient’s needs.

An individual’s total cost will depend on the magnitude of the correction, the difficulty of the surgery, and any additional treatments or procedures. 

Booking a Consultation: Your Path to Rejuvenation

We prioritize patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction at Enfield Royal Clinics PK, where you can receive personalized care. Our board-certified cosmetic surgeons and staff prioritize your satisfaction and produce exceptional outcomes personalized to your needs.

If you want surgery on both your top and lower eyelids at once and other cosmetic procedures, contact Enfield Royal Clinics PK  immediately to schedule a consultation. Let us help you get the rejuvenated look you deserve.

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