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What Not to Do After Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad

What Not to Do After Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad

What Not to Do After Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad

Laser hair removal has drawn the attention of Islamabad individuals as an easier option for hair removal in the long run. Although the optimal outcome isn’t only about the treatment itself, post-treatment care is also very important. After laser hair removal, it is vital to apply some rules of thumb to lower the risk of side effects and get the greatest results.

Post-treatment care quality should be the emphasis of the treatment effectiveness and avoid bad results. By following proper treatment guidance, you’ll get the most out of the procedure and stay hairless for a rather long period.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

In laser hair removal, light beams of varied intensity are passed on to hair follicles; the device means that they absorb the light, which helps prevent subsequent growth. This is an effective, reliable way of permanently removing unwanted hair for longer. However, adhering strictly to the post-treatment guidelines is necessary to provide the best outcome.

Common Mistakes to Avoid After Laser Hair Removal

Not Following Sun Protection Measures

The most significant counseling advice after therapy is to protect the treated skin from sun exposure. If we don’t use the right preparation, the sun’s rays can result in burns, hyperpigmentation, and skin sensitivity. The strength of laser beams is extremely intense and thus passes through the skin layers. Discomfort may also lead to a downgrade in treatment effectiveness.

Scrubbing or Exfoliating Too Soon

Cleaning skin is always the main component of flawless skin, but it is important to leave your skin to recover and heal after the laser hair removal treatment. Scrubbing or exfoliating too soon can be an offense to the skin, which then turns red and inflammatory and can also cause scarring. It is wise to avoid exfoliating again once the skin is fully healed.

Ignoring Moisturization

Moisturization is crucial for maintaining healthy skin after laser treatment. It fights unpleasant side effects like drying of the skin or disabling itching. A moisturizer aids the skin by substituting natural moisture savings, making the skin appear hydrated and healthy. Not providing hydration can lead to chapped and dry skin, causing a prolonged stabilization process and possible infection complications.

Engaging in Strenuous Activities

The first consideration after laser hair removal is avoiding physical activity that causes sweating or rubbing against the depilated skin. Human sweat and friction could worsen skin irritation and sensibility, which might cause discomfort during the therapy and influence its outcome. It is always advisable to rest and let the skin heal before restarting the vigorous movements.

Touching or Picking at Treated Areas

Avoid the temptation to touch or pick at the treated area, as doing so can only aggravate the risk of infection and scarring. The skin is highly sensitive after laser hair removal treatment, which can create adverts accompanied by a long healing process that can ultimately even affect the final results. Along with the gentle touch and patience, let the skin take the time to heal.

Using Harsh Skincare Products

Stay away from harsh skincare products, mostly alcohol-based or fragrant, as they may cause dry and itchy skin on the treated area. Select selective, gentle, non-irritating products that are formulated for fragile skin to reinforce the healing process and the skin barrier.

Skipping Follow-Up Appointments

The next step after undergoing laser hair removal is follow-up appointments. These appointments ensure that the treatment is effective while encouraging the full removal of the targeted hairs. Missing scheduled sessions can delay reaching the intended results, and the treatment may need to be repeated to compensate. Follow the schedule of any follow-up appointments as designated by your dermatologist.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Islamabad:

The cost of laser hair removal in Islamabad normally lies between 15,000 PKR and 55,000 PKR. However, the cost depends on different determinants. To start with, the location of treatment plays an important role in the total price, with bigger areas usually requiring more sessions and thus being more in cost. In addition to that, total cost builds up by the number of sessions done, which takes time and costs modern laser technology and the expert that performs the procedure. Also, variables like one’s skin type and hair color or thickness can minimize the efficacy of the procedure, thus leading to a higher price.

Book a Consultation: 

Get ready to have that hair-free skin of your dreams at Enfield Royal Clinic PK. Remember, aftercare undergoes as much as the treatment itself. Book a one-on-one session for information on how to take the best care of your skin after treatment by taking advantage of our laser hair removal treatment. What’s next in your way, smooth and hair-free skin starts with the proper care. Schedule your consultation right now to get started with the process.

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